The Book of Negroes

THE BOOK OF NEGROES is a six-part miniseries that follows the harrowing journey of Aminata Diallo and her return home after being forced into slavery as a child.

Parts Season 1

  • 1. Part 1 of 6

    Stolen from Africa, eleven-year old Aminata Diallo is enslaved and forced to endure a treacherous journey to America.

  • 2. Part 2 of 6

    Aminata, forced to deflect the affections of the two men who own her, adjusts to plantation life in the Carolinas.

  • 3. Part 3 of 6

    When Revolution breaks out in New York, Aminata seizes her chance and escapes to freedom in the haven of Canvas Town.

  • 4. Part 4 of 6

    After British defeat, Aminata registers Black Loyalists in The Book Of Negroes for an escape to freedom in Nova Scotia.

  • 5. Part 5 of 6

    As racial tensions boil in Nova Scotia, Aminata organizes a final journey back to Africa.

  • 6. Part 6 of 6

    Upon their arrival in Africa, Aminata leaves the Loyalists behind to find her way back to her home village of Bayo.

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