The Bravest Knight

Sir Cedric shares the story of how he transformed from a pumpkin farmer into a full-fledged knight with his adopted 10-year-old daughter, Nia, who is training to become a brave knight herself.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Cedric & the Troll

    Sir Cedric recounts the first time he met his troll friend, Grunt, and escaped the clutches of a tricky witch.

  • 2. Cedric & the Green Leaf

    Nia’s jousting lesson turns into the story of Sir Cedric’s first tournament as a Not-Yet-Knight.

  • 3. Cedric & the Cave

    Nia is taught how to track in the woods, as she hears the tale of Cedric and Grunt hiding from a Yeti in a mountainside cave.

  • 4. Cedric & the Giant

    Sir Cedric remembers the time when a greedy giant captured him and Grunt.

  • 5. Cedric & the Fairies

    Sir Cedric explains how he helped fairies rid themselves of a bothersome bear problem.

  • 6. Cedric & the Dark Castle

    Cedric and Grunt sneak into the Dark Castle to find the map to Grunt’s bridge.

  • 7. Cedric & the Wizard

    Cedric, Grunt, and Saylor go to the Royal Castle to tell the Queen and King about the dragon.

  • 8. Cedric & the Sea Monster

    Cedric, Grunt, and Saylor have their boat pulled underwater by a sea monster.

  • 9. Cedric & the Potion Maker

    Sir Cedric tells the story of a magic dragon egg, a mysterious potion maker, and a missing lava newt.

  • 10. Cedric & the Big Bad Wolf

    Nia hears about the time Cedric, Grunt, and Saylor had to save a town from a Big Bad Wolf who was more misunderstood than menacing.

  • 11. Cedric & the Pixies

    As Nia becomes overwhelmed with Not-Yet-Knight responsibilities, Sir Cedric explains that he was once in over his head too.

  • 12. Cedric & the Dragon

    Cedric, Grunt, and Saylor are finally confronted by the dragon who has been causing mayhem for the kingdom.

  • 13. Grunt & the Bridge

    The trio of heroes reaches Grunt’s bridge and must defeat Sturk, the troll who stole it from him.

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