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  • 1. Decor Trends, Future of Fall Fashion, & How Long Will You Live?

    On today’s episode: Steven predicts the future of decor, Jessi reveals fall fashion with a very special model, and Andrea helps you find out how long you will live.

  • 2. Battle Of The Sexes/Sandwiches, Couple Style Blending, & Gender True or False

    Our hosts engage in the battle of the sexes! It’s men vs. women in a sandwich-off, Steven reveals how couples can blend their styles, and Andrea dishes the dirt on both genders.

  • 3. Game Night Wings & Nachos, Get The Goods, & Contour Like A Queen

    It’s Game Night at The Goods: Shahir’s friends join him to make the ultimate wings and nachos, the hosts grill each other for advice, and Jessi gets a special guest to help her contour like a queen.

  • 4. Life Changing Pizza, Style Regrets, Personality Test, Faux Finishes

    On the premiere episode of The Goods: Shahir makes a life-changing pizza, Jessi dives into the hosts’ worst style regrets, Andrea shares the ultimate personality quiz, and Steven’s DIY gets faux real.

  • 5. Room For Improvement, Man vs. Makeup, & End It Or Mend It

    On today’s episode: Steven shows easy fixes to spruce up any room, Jessi pits the boys against each other Man vs. Makeup, and Andrea gets your relationship advice in End It or Mend It.

  • 6. Easy Thanksgiving Turkey, DIY Table Setting, & Dealing With Family

    Happy Thanksgiving! Shahir talks easy turkey, Steven sets the table, and Andrea tackles being grateful around your annoying family.

  • 7. Ginger March, Frozen Foods Made Better, & the Limits Of Lipstick

    On today's episode: Jessi leads the Ginger March; Shahir betters his childhood meals; and everyone tests the limits of lipstick.

  • 8. Get The Celeb Look, Ultimate Stress Relievers, & What Decor Era Are You?

    Jessi helps you pull off famous celebrity looks; Andrea calms you with the ultimate stress busters; and Steven let’s you know what era your style is.

  • 9. Deceptive Decor, How To Spot A Liar, & the Fish Taco Bet

    On today’s deceptive episode: Steven finds items that only look expensive; Andrea discovers how to spot a liar; and Shahir bets that he can make a fish dish even Steven loves.

  • 10. Mara Wilson Eats Crackers, One Sheet Meal, Velvet 3 Way, & Reno Tips

    Actress/author Mara Wilson joins the hosts to discuss her biography; Shahir makes an entire meal in one pan; Jessi ensconces you in velvet; and Steven's old friend dishes reno tips.

  • 11. Upcycled Decor, Anna Olson’s Chocolate Cake, Easy Hair ‘Dos, & Social Media Etiquette

    Steven turns used items into brand new pieces; Shahir enlists Anna Olson’s help with a chocolate mousse cake; Jessi gets a husband to do his wife’s ‘do; and Andrea gives your social media a thumbs up (or down).

  • 12. Calorie Short-Cuts, Trim Your Spending, & the Ultimate Boxing Workout

    Tighten your belt: Shahir takes some calorie short-cuts; Andrea's finance expert will trim your spending; and fitness expert Brent Bishop gets all the hosts in "fighting shape."

  • 13. Nutrition Match-Up, Hack Your Home, & Dad Fashion Trends

    Nutritionist Joy McCarthy joins the hosts to find some hidden health, Steven life-hacks your home, and Jessi gets models to raid their dads' closets.

  • 14. Layering Do's & Don't's, You're Sleeping Wrong, & How to Cook Vegetables

    Jessi heads to style school for Layering 101, Andrea invites a sleep expert into bed, and Shahir shows us the right way to cook vegetables.

  • 15. Steven's Magic Carpet Ride, $10 Dinners, Makeup Breakup, & Layered Drinks

    Steven reveals how a rug can change a room, Shahir cooks an inexpensive dinner for four, Jessi repairs your broken cosmetics, and all the hosts learn how to layer cocktails.

  • 16. Olive Oil Bang For Your Buck, Relationship Cliches, & Family Friendly Design

    Shahir drizzles out the best olive oils, Andrea tests common misconceptions about couples, and Steven kid-proofs your home.

  • 17. Curry In A Hurry, Decor Cheats, Couple Cheats, & Makeup Cheats

    The ultimate cheat sheet: Shahir makes a quick curry, Steven finds some deceptive decor, Andrea finds out if you’re cheating, and Jessi takes cosmetic short cuts.

  • 18. Sensual Bedrooms, Breakfast In Bed, & Test Your Sex IQ

    Steven turns on your bedroom decor, Shahir makes a romantic French toast, and Andrea puts your sexual aptitude to the test.

  • 19. Kid Approved Food, Parenting Panel, & Mini Me Fashion Show

    Shahir tries to impress some childish food critics, Andrea gets the pros and cons of parenthood in the digital age, and Jessi does a fashion show with some diminutive doppelgangers.

  • 20. Meatless Monday, Self Tanner Test, & Get the Goods

    Shahir makes a hearty meal for vegetarians, Jessi's squad puts self tanners to the test, and the audience gets the goods from all our hosts.

  • 21. Kitchen on a Budget, Decoding Acne, & Blender Bender

    Steven styles a kitchen on a budget, Jessi faces off with acne facts, and Andrea plays Blender Bender...but who will drink this disgusting concoction?

  • 22. Devious Dips, Dastardly Door Decor, & Punny Costumes

    It's All Hallows' Eve at the Goods: Shahir makes some disgustingly delicious dips, Steven scares up some DIYs, and all the hosts play a punny costume game.

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