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Episodes Season 2

  • 1. Pumpkin Spice 3 Ways, Dress Code Hacks, and the Coolest Fitness Trend

    We've got The Goods on Trends: Shahir is cooking and blending with pumpkin spice, and Steven is decoding dress codes. Plus so much more!

  • 2. Downsizing De-stress, Happy Brain, and the Best Paper Airplanes

    It's the least stressful part of your day! Steven helps a viewer downsize, and Andrea gets the scoop on brain health. Come chill with us!

  • 3. Invest Like A Dragon, Save or Splurge, and Relationship End it or Mend it

    We're squeezing the most out of your dollar: Shahir chops money off your grocery bill with $10 dollar dinners, and Arlene tells us when it's right to take those savings and splurge! Mmmmm...that's good value!

  • 4. Design By the Numbers, Perfect Salands, and Pitching to Dragons

    Time to put the 'fun' back in 'fundamentals! Arlene shares the recipe for pitching your business idea, and Steven's drills the fundamentals of design. Plus, gadgets!

  • 5. Paint Drip Cake, Dad Panel, and Liar Liar

    We're unleashing your creativity! Steven shares tips to build beginner to advanced art kits, Shahir makes beautiful paint drip cake, and we play another round of Liar Liar.

  • 6. Sarah Richardson Goes Off The Grid, Testing Beauty Products, & Just How Canadian Are You?

    It's time to go off the grid. Sarah Richardson talks eco-friendly design, Andrea tests the latest beauty products, and we put our audience on the spot with a game of How Canadian Are You?

  • 7. Restaurant Inspired Decor, Yellow Beet Chutney, and Ask An Allergist

    Home is where the heart is. Steven's decor trends are restaurant-inspired, Andrea finds out how to clean your home of allergens, and Shahir makes delicious beet chutney.

  • 8. Korean BBQ With Kim's Convenience, Buzz On B12, and Skipping Superstars

    Let's celebrate Canada! Shahir cooks Korean BBQ with the stars of Kim's Convenience, Andrea gets the facts on energy boosters, and the Brampton Acro Ropers are here for a Double Dutch party.

  • 9. Outdoor Entertaining Must Haves, Go Meat Free, and 21st Century Health Hazards

    We're falling for Fall. Steven and Andrea simplify Fall patio entertaining, we get the scoop on 21st-century health hazards, and the hosts show us their entertaining must-haves.

  • 10. Fall Make Up Trends, Easy Thanksgiving Dinner, and Get The Goods!

    Let the Thanksgiving season begin! Shahir makes turkey and a delicious side in no time, Steven and Shahir try makeup techniques on audience volunteers, and we Get The Goods.

  • 11. Decorating With Vintage Flair, Celebrity Health Trends Debunked, and Fashion Yay or Nay

    Everything old is new again. Guest host Jeanne Beker introduces us to eco-friendly fashion labels, author Timothy Caulfield debunks celebrity health trends, and Steven shows us how to use antiques in decor.

  • 12. Gene Simmons Talks Rock, Supporting Someone Who's Ill, and Restaurant Etiquette

    It's time to rock and roll! Legendary Kiss frontman Gene Simmons plays Sign Drop Duet. Shahir and Andrea test their restaurant etiquette, and we learn how to support someone who is seriously ill.

  • 13. Decorating With Blue, Dangers Of Burnout, and Cooking With Squash

    We've got everything under the rainbow. Shahir demystifies squash varieties. Author Hamza Khan warns of the dangers of burnout. Steven shows us how to bring the colour blue into any decor.

  • 14. Kid Life Hacks, Shahir's Strawberry Lemon Shortcake, and How To Talk Money With Kids

    Kids teach us the darnedest things. We learn life hacks from children, Shahir makes strawberry lemon shortcake, and Steven creates upcycled art.

  • 15. How To Make A Great First Impression, Get The Dish On Dating, and Serena Ryder Talks Music

    Are you feeling the music? We sit down with Juno winner Serena Ryder, our first ever dating panel dishes the dirt, and we surprise an audience member with a hair makeover.

  • 16. Ham For Thanksgiving, Pain-Free Family Holidays, and Steven's Thanksgiving Three Two Done

    Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving. Shahir makes delicious stuffed ham, Steven sets a holiday table with grocery store decor, and we've got you covered for a last minute Thanksgiving dessert.

  • 17. Plants You Can't Kill, The Ultimate Green Smoothie, and How Stress Affects The Body

    Green Thumbs Made Easy. Horticulturalist Jon Peter shows some easy to care for plants, Shahir and Steven compete to see who can make the best green smoothie, and we get some great tips on decreasing the impact of stress on the body.

  • 18. Murdoch Mysteries' Helene Joy, Find Your Perfect Frames, and Made In Canada Designs

    We love Murdoch Mysteries! Actress Helene Joy makes paleo pancakes with Shahir, Andrea gets a lesson in how to choose glass frames for any face shape, and everybody practices some dynamic stretching with Jana Webb.

  • 19. Bedroom Rugs By The Numbers, The Perfect Tween Bedroom, and Flu Fighting Remedies

    Tweens and Teens and Trends, oh my! Steven designs the perfect young adult bedroom, Lauren O'Neil talks tween trends, and all our divorce questions get answered by family lawyer Diana Issac.

  • 20. Inside The "Newcomer" Kitchen, Divorce Q & A, and The Modern Day Prenup

    We're seeing life from new perspectives. Shahir meets Syrians living and cooking in Canada, and a former Hell's Angel talks recovery. Plus, your divorce questions get answered. Don't miss it!

  • 21. Decor Trends "In" and "Out", Edible Cookie Dough, and Parents Discuss All Things Sex

    Find out what's hot and what's not. Steven shows us what's "in" when it comes to decor, and Shahir makes delicious cookie dough you don't have to bake, and Steven defends his title in Liar Liar.

  • 22. The Ultimate Mac and Cheese, Dating Red Flags, and Fall Fashion Trends

    Get comfy! Shahir makes the BEST mac 'n cheese ever, and we check out the hottest fall fashion trends. Plus, so much more!

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