The Great Canadian Baking Show

The series brings together ten amateur bakers from across Canada to compete in a series of themed culinary challenges that celebrate their diverse backgrounds, families, and communities. THE GREAT CANADIAN BAKING SHOW is an affirming, warm-spirited competition, that celebrates personal achievement and the joy of baking.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Cake Week

    The Great Canadian Baking Show welcomes ten of the country’s most passionate bakers to the iconic white baking tent to face Cake Week, and demonstrate talent and skill in the first of many challenges.

  • 2. Bread Week

    The bakers dive head first into a world of carbs as they tackle three difficult challenges for Bread Week: Traditional Italian Focaccia for the Signature Challenge, Montreal bagels in the Technical Challenge, and a Showstopper that sees the bakers create Decorative Bread Centerpieces. The judges sample, discuss and declare the Star Baker, and announce the baker who must leave the tent.

  • 3. Dessert Week

    Dessert Week allows the Top eight bakers to shine in a series of sweet challenges. They must create an elegant pie or tart for the Signature Bake, delicate and pretty Fondant Fancies for the Technical Challenge, and a perfect Pavlova for the Showstopper. The judges reveal the Star Baker, and announce who must leave the baking tent.

  • 4. Canada Week

    Canada Week sees the top seven bakers embrace beloved homegrown classics and show their national pride. For the Signature Challenge, the bakers demonstrate their pastry skills with savoury Tourtiere. The Technical Challenge features mouth-watering Maple Leaf Sandwich Cookies, while the Showstopper celebrates a popular Canadian classic – donuts! The judges announce the Star Baker, and the baker who is headed home.

  • 5. Best of Britain Week

    The Best of Britain challenges the Bakers to replicate a trio of well-known British desserts: Classic British Trifle for the Signature Challenge; crispy sweet Brandy Snaps for The Technical Challenge; and an iconic Afternoon Tea Tray in the Showstopper Challenge. After sampling the results, the judges crown this week’s Star Baker and send another home.

  • 6. Holiday Baking Week

    During Holiday Baking Week, the Top five bakers celebrate and commemorate the season with three delectable holiday-themed challenges. They are tasked with creating a traditional Bûche de Noël for the Signature Challenge; a classic Rugelach for the Technical Challenge; and they must build a Gingerbread or Cookie Structure for the Showstopper. One Star Baker is announced by the judges, and another must leave the baking tent.

  • 7. French Patisserie Week

    The Top four semi-finalists face French Patisserie Week, with a series of technically difficult challenges that will determine the final Top three Bakers. For the Signature Challenge, they present their take on a classic Mille Feuille; for the Technical Challenge, they must create a perfect Gateau Opera; for the Showstopper, the bakers must build a towering Croquembouche. The judges will choose one Star Baker, and one baker will be asked to leave, revealing the Top three finalists!

  • 8. Finale

    In the finale, the Top three Bakers face off to see who will be declared the inaugural winner of The Great Canadian Baking Show! They must create beautiful Mini Mousse Cakes for the Signature Challenge, construct a complex Pear Charlotte for the Technical Challenge, and deliver a multi-tiered Wedding Cake for the final Showstopper. After careful inspection, sampling and deliberation, the judges reveal the first ever winner of The Great Canadian Baking Show!

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