The History of Comedy

From stand-up and sitcoms, to late night hosts, The History of Comedy features comedy legends and explores what makes us laugh using hilarious archival footage alongside current interviews.

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  • 1. The Funnier Sex

    The episode explores and celebrates the greatest female comedians of all time and how they were able to succeed in every genre where humor is found despite rampant sexism and prejudice.

  • 2. F***ing Funny

    The episode tracks the evolution of inappropriate humor throughout history, showcasing the work from ground-breaking comedians who risked their careers as they fought against censorship.

  • 3. Spark Of Madness

    The episode explores the fascinating mind of the comedian, as well as the difficult road that many seem destined to take – where mental illness and substance abuse are remarkably common.

  • 4. Parody And Satire

    The episode demonstrates how effective and funny it can be when you look at something serious and just twist it ever so slightly.

  • 5. The Comedy Of Real Life

    The episode examines how comedians find humor in the simple daily experiences we all share to make us laugh.

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  • 6. Ripped From The Headlines

    The episode traces the origins of topical humor from the invention of the monologue to the “fake news” shows of today.

  • 7. Cultural Divide

    The episode explores the evolution of racial humor and how comedy about shared experiences can cross cultural barriers to unite us in laughter.

  • 8. Politics Aside

    The episode examines the many different ways that comedy has lampooned and influenced politics over the years.

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