The Hole in Reservoir Hill

At a time when nuclear tensions once again run high, The Hole in Reservoir Hill revisits a decommissioned nuclear bunker buried deep beneath North Bay, Ontario - and introduces some of the people who know its secrets. Though trees and woodland now cover the scars on Reservoir Hill, the bunker’s legacy lives on. Digging just below the surface, we discover the psyche of a town and the hole left behind by its former concealed nucleus. Through a cast of local characters, we reveal the bunker’s lasting psychological imprint on those who were witness to its workings - and the unlikely renewed relevance to those who weren’t. For those who lived and worked in the facility, it’s a decaying source of nostalgia. To others, it’s a mystery, an enigmatic entity - a relic. Decades after closing, the bunker still captures the imagination of those who live nearby, both young and old. Juxtaposing Cold War culture with today’s spectre of nuclear warfare, the film is a reflection on the impacts and lessons of a lost time; a time we so brazenly thought to be ancient history...until now.

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