The Honourable Woman

One woman struggles to right her father's wrongs in a world of conspiracy and espionage.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. The Empty Chair

    Powerful businesswoman Nessa Stein is thrown head-first into a game of political cat-and-mouse when a Palestinian businessman with close connections to her family's empire is killed.

  • 2. The Unfaithful Husband

    With the hunt on for Atika's son, the head of MI6's Middle East desk Sir Hugh Hayden-Hoyle starts to look into who killed Meshal and why.

  • 3. The Killing Call

    With Dame Julia having steered him in a different direction in order to get to the truth, Hayden-Hoyle turns his attention to Nessa.

  • 4. The Ribbon Cutter

    Nessa’s security advisor follows a lead he believes will help him uncover the identity of Kasim’s kidnappers -- however, Nessa is forced to reveal this to her mysterious caller.

  • 5. The Puppet Mistress

    Going back eight years, we see a younger Hayden-Hoyle making his way to the top of the spy business courtesy of an affair with current MI6 chief, Dame Julia Walsh.

  • 6. The Mother Line

    Nessa makes a chilling discovery concerning a wiretap on the Stein data cable, an alarming fact that the professor also inadvertently stumbles across in the basement of the University.

  • 7. The Sibling Split

    Saleh Al-Zahid arrives in London intent on an unknown deadly purpose. He runs into trouble and calls his British Intelligence contact for help.

  • 8. The Hollow Wall

    Realizing Israeli powers had only ever wanted to use the Stein name, company and connections for their own political and intelligence affairs, Nessa is driven to secure the release of Kasim.

  • 9. The Paring Knife

    Hayden-Hoyle uncovers that Nessa has been manipulated both by people close to her and by governments intent on exploiting her work.

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