The Housemate

A comedy definitely not based on The Bachelor, best friends Alex and Gemma get to know potential housemates eliminating them from the competition one by one until they find their dream housemate.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. A Whole Latte Drama

    Alex and Gemma have experienced the heartbreak, heartache and extra rent that comes with losing a housemate. Alex and Gemma prepare to meet new applicants to find the housemate of their dreams.

  • 2. The Housemate Games

    The remaining six applicants are put to the test in the ultimate Housemate Games. Three rounds of grueling tasks including cleaning, bill paying and a Housemate quiz.

  • 3. Nut a Good Choice

    The girls put their cooking chops to the test as they battle it out to create the perfect Housemate dinner. One applicant whips up the girls' favourite meal, while the others fail to impress.

  • 4. Richmond's Next Top Housemate

    A scandal erupts in the house when one of the applicants is found with a profile on a house sharing website. Gemma, Alex and the remaining girls are thrown a curve ball when three intruders arrive.

  • 5. Netflix and Chill(ed Wine)

    The remaining four applicants are tested with three rounds of group challenges; grocery shopping, flat pack furniture building and trust falls.

  • 6. Hometown Housemate

    It's time for Alex and Gemma to meet their families. Unfortunately, not everyone is as they'd expected, and one applicant is sent home after a confusing and off-putting home visit.

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