The Island Diaries

The Island Diaries is a stunning documentary series that takes you to islands around the world.

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  • 1. Faroe Islands

    The Faroe Islands are a cluster of islands with impressive cliffs towering over the sea. Patriotic, welcoming and patient, the Faroese lead peaceful lives, despite harsh weather conditions.

  • 2. Grande Comore

    At the heart of the Indian Ocean, traditions are strong on the island of Grande Comore.

  • 3. Salt Spring Island

    A stone's throw away from Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island is known as British Columbia's go-to place for hippies. It's inhabitants enjoy the self-sufficiency and tranquility of their community.

  • 4. Big Island, Hawaii

    Known as the Island of Fire and Ice because of its snow-capped peaks and volcanoes, Hawaii Island, or the Big Island, is the largest of them all, yet it is the least visited by tourists.

  • 5. Channel Islands

    Discover the Channel Islands in all their abundant natural glory, each with its own personality and living conditions and each inspired one way or another by British history and French culture.

  • 6. Cape Verde

    A Portuguese and African melting pot off the coast of Senegal, Cape Verde has a wealth of breathtaking sceneries. Despite its limited resources, locals are known for their kindness and music.

  • 7. Okinawa

    Off the coast of Southern Japan, Okinawa is said to hold the secret to long life. With a laid-back atmosphere and very rich cultural history, it is adapting to changing times.

  • 8. Cuba

    Cuba is loved by tourists despite the rationing system that still prevails. Creativity is deeply embedded in Cubans, who practice eco-agriculture and are developing a prosperous private sector.

  • 9. Newfoundland

    Located at the easternmost point of North America, Newfoundland looks like it's at the edge of the world.

  • 10. Crete

    The cradle of Greek mythology, Crete is said to be the birthplace of Zeus. Today, hit by an economic slowdown, many Cretans strive for self-sufficiency by turning towards community initiatives.

  • 11. Bali

    A small Hindu enclave at the heart of Indonesia, Bali's landscapes and people make for an enchanting experience.

  • 12. Montserrat

    In 1996 the Soufriere Hills volcano erupted, burying two thirds of the island of Montserrat, known as the emerald isle of the Caribbean.

  • 13. Reunion Island

    France's youngest region, Reunion Island, is also referred to as the "Intense Island" because of its splendid and sometimes harsh geography. However, life on this island is anything but intense.

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