The Move

Eight of Canada's top choreographers share their astonishing moves - and the incredible stories behind why they dance.

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  • 1. Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli

    Lazylegz was born with a neuromuscular disorder - and he uses it to breakdance like no one else.

  • 2. Nivedha Ramalingam

    She started dancing bharatanatyam when she was five and opened a school at 14. Watch this young prodigy's beautiful dance honouring her mother.

  • 3. Siphe November

    Siphesihle November is the youngest company member of the National Ballet of Canada. His grace will move you.

  • 4. Camille Slaght

    Camille Slaght has been driven to master competitive Irish dance since elementary school. See what it takes to be a champion.

  • 5. Matthew “Snoopy” Cuff

    Duckwalk a few miles in Snoopy’s heels as we break down the difficult art of vogueing.

  • 6. Brian Solomon

    Watch as this contemporary Indigenous dancer connects his past to his future in a dance that moves from oppression to freedom.

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