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  • The National | Pharmacare deal reached

    Feb. 23, 2024 | NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says his party has reached a pharmacare deal with the governing Liberals. Lynx Air will stop flying as of Monday, but some flights are already cancelled. Plus, why Canada plays a key role in the modern space race.

  • The National | U.S. returns to the moon

    Feb. 22, 2024 | A U.S. spacecraft lands on the moon's surface for the first time in a half-century. A grocery store supplier says why they think Canada needs a grocery store code of conduct. Plus, why a political promise to protect kids online turned ugly.

  • CBC News: The National | Poilievre attacks Trudeau over online harms bill

    Feb. 21, 2024 | Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre attacks the prime minister over the government's online harms bill. Confusion over the legality of IVF treatments after an Alabama court rules embryos are children. Plus, a 91-year-old froze to death outside her retirement home and she’s not the only one.

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