The Neddeaus of Duqesne Island

The Neddeaus of Duqesne Island is a 1970s documentary parody about a family living isolated on an island in Northern Canada.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Welcome to Duqesne Island

    Elmer Neddeau introduces the filmmakers to his off the grid family.

  • 2. With the Wind We Laugh

    Father Bichon and Mother ‘Vangeline share their unique approach to island life.

  • 3. The Potato of Jesus

    The Neddeaus practice their faith, and twins Eloida and Elène enjoy rituals of their own.

  • 4. Mutiny & Exile

    A violent and bloody history of island founder Saint Elwood.

  • 5. Rumbiggersman!

    Games of Rumbiggersman, Clarifindechoses, and other island pastimes.

  • 6. Book of Trespasses

    Chaos of the island and temptations of the flesh are kept in line with a strict code of ethics.

  • 7. The Hole

    Elmer dreams of the mainland after surviving the island’s worst punishment.

  • 8. Lacsonthegrass

    The Neddeaus celebrate the harvest with story, song, and a great feast of potatoes.

  • 9. Avanthiver

    The Neddeaus prepare for winter and their annual trip to the mainland.

  • 10. The Mainland

    The most anticipated day of the year.

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