The New Wave of Standup

A dozen of Canada’s hottest new comics gathered for one hilarious night of standup as part of the Just For Laughs VANCOUVER Festival. These rising stars each headline their own 10-minute episode exclusively for CBC Gem.

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    The best of Canada's emerging/up-and-coming standup talent is highlighted in this Gem series shot at JFL Northwest in Vancouver.

  • 1. Cassie Cao

    Cassie Cao is a Canadian Comedy Award-winning comedian based in Toronto whose comedy has been featured on the CBC, Sirius XM, and Just for Laughs. Cassie was formerly an economist, and has years of experience telling jokes to very serious Canadian policy makers.

  • 2. Jacob Samuel

    Jacob Samuel is a stand-up comic, cartoonist, and writer known for his clever and insightful comedy. Jacob has taped multiple national TV performances for the CBC, The Comedy Network, and Crave.

  • 3. Al Val

    Al Val may be a genderfluid millennial in a perpetual state of mid-life crisis, but you can guarantee that their identities are charmingly hilarious.

  • 4. Yumi Nagashima

    Yumi Nagashima’s career has seen a meteoric rise in the past two years: a popular YouTube channel, her debut album “My Name Is Yumi,” a Comedy Central Asia special, and appearances at top comedy festivals.

  • 5. Aaron Read

    Aaron is a Vancouver comedian who likes to tell silly jokes about worms, werewolves, and stuff like that. He loves standing on stage with a mic, looking out at people and saying, "How y'all doing?"

  • 6. Salma Hindy

    Salma enjoys listening to politicians debate what she can and can't wear on the radio as she ties her hijab in the morning. The only terrorism she partakes in is shooting down stereotypes on stage.

  • 7. Kyle Brownrigg

    Kyle Brownrigg won Best Breakout Artist at The Canadian Comedy Awards in 2019. He has been featured on The Debaters, Halifax Comedy Festival, Laugh Out Loud, SiriusXM Top Comic, and Just for Laughs.

  • 9. Paul Rabliauskas

    Paul Rabliauskas hails from Poplar River First Nation, MB. Paul's charming, brash, and boisterous style makes him a fan favorite of so many across Canada.

  • 10. Brittany Lyseng

    Born and raised in Calgary, Brittany Lyseng is a nationally touring comedian. Her humble beginnings as a tradesperson are apparent in her unique delivery and one-of-a-kind view of the world.

  • 11. Ola Dada

    Ola Dada is a Nigerian-Canadian raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta, who now lives in Vancouver. Ola was most recently a runner-up in Canada’s largest comedy competition: the 2019 SiriusXM Top Comic.

  • 12. Matty Vu

    Matty Vu is the bad boy of Vancouver’s comedy scene, pushing the limits of audiences all over. OK, he's just a nice boy who does comedy. He's also a 30-something man who still calls himself a boy.

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