The Newsroom

The show is set in the newsroom of a television station which is never officially named, but is generally understood to be based on CBC's own Toronto affiliate CBLT. Inspired by American series The Larry Sanders Show and similar to such earlier series as the British Drop the Dead Donkey and the Australian Frontline, the series mined a dark vein of comedy from the political machinations and the sheer incompetence of the people involved in producing the fictional City Hour, the station's nightly newscast.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. The Walking Shoe Incident

    George needs to hire an assistant to take care of such pressing matters as returning his shoes and fetching bran muffins. But he faces a dilemma; should he hire the qualified African-Canadian lesbian or the inexperienced yet attractive ski bunny?

  • 2. Dinner at Eight

    When a sexy new co-anchor is hired to bring life back to the show, Jim feels threatened. He turns to George, who supports him pharmaceutically. However, when the ensuing power shift starts to affect George, it's time to fight dirty.

  • 3. Deeper, Deeper

    Cutbacks are coming to the network; but who will it be? George vows to 'go to the wall' to save jobs but everyone knows someone has to go. Back-stabbing, clandestine job hunts, prostitutes and religious conversions prevail.

  • 4. The Kevorkian Joke

    When failed screenwriter Shane threatens suicide on tape, George turns it into a ratings booster. Also, a killer virus in Zaire could be hitting town - maybe even the newsroom.

  • 5. A Bad Day

    George is having a bad day: he’s in trouble for hitting on a woman half his age, he made derogatory comments about Mr.Dressup, he offends Linda McQuaig (as herself) and she walks off the show, suicidal Shane is back, his BMW needs a new muffler, and Him tells more than he should to a documentary crew (led by Dan Redican).

  • 6. Petty Tyranny

    George's quest for the perfect bran muffin leads him to the cafeteria where he starts a fight with the cook. Later, he offends one of the country's top stars, Cynthia Dale (as herself), who is observing the newsroom as research for a role in a film.

  • 7. Dis and Dat

    George's quest for an indoor parking spot is thwarted when the Corporation hires Gillian Soros (Elisa Moolecherry) as the new head of regional programming. Gillian has definite ideas about George and the Toronto News.

  • 8. Parking

    George’s crusade for an indoor parking space continues, George’s paranoia surfaces after he receives a mysterious and vague voicemail and his office couch disappears. He immediately assumes the worst: the Corporation wants him gone.

  • 9. Unity

    George is annoyed when his name is left off the Globe and Mail list of government employees who make over $100,000 per year. Lise Leger (Guylaine St. Onge) appears on Toronto News with Linda McQuaig (as herself) to discuss the Canadian unity situation. Lise is inexplicably attracted to Jim.

  • 10. Meltdown Part 1

    When there is a potential nuclear accident only hours away, each of the newsroom staff react in their own way. David Cronenberg (as himself) is a guest on Toronto News to promote his latest film 'Crash’.

  • 11. Meltdown Part 2

    With the potential nuclear meltdown approaching, George’s priority is finding the right experts and analysts while trying to make thm real but entertaining.

  • 12. Meltdown Part 3

    Unable to deal with the potential of how own death, George goes to into denial and can't cover the impending nuclear meltdown story.

  • 13. Campaign

    After the collapse of public broadcasting, Jim runs for political office in a provincial election, George and some of the newsroom staff manage the campaign in this one hour series finale.

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