The Ninth

Why the hell would you want to play for the Toronto Boxsprings? They’re a bad team in a lousy inter-county league. They’re owned by a crappy discount mattress store. Even their locker room sucks - stuck in the leaky basement of a local dive bar. Amateur baseball is supposed to be fun, but the petty squabbles, power struggles and occasional hook-ups on this team are enough to give even the most zen person a migraine. So why do these nine players do it? Well, there’s a certain ethos to The Boxsprings - call it laissez-faire, life-affirming or just plain old hard-partying - that’s impossible to deny. The games may be humdrum, but the real dazzling plays happen during the after-parties. The Boxpsprings might be mediocre-as-hell on the field, but with a beer in their hands, they’re goddamned Hall of Famers! And when the last out is recorded, the real games begin...

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  • Trailer

    The Toronto Cat-Dogs are among the worst teams in Ontario Intercity Baseball League history - but what they lack in skill they make up for in character.

  • 1. Stealing Home

    A game-winning steal leads to celebration. Chip is surprised to find his new apartment is the afterparty spot. Noname discovers Éclair is squatting in the adjacent mattress store.

  • 2. Strikeout

    A big swing and a miss by Noname leads to a night of ugly whiffs. Both Messy Jessie and Juicebox fail to bag Chip. Cash, Noname, and Éclair compete to get a hot girl’s number.

  • 3. The Catch

    A diving catch by Messy Jessie wins the game. Cash’s dark past is exposed by two fans. Andy finds out she’s been accepted to two grad schools. Juicebox stumbles into Jessie and Éclair’s love nest.

  • 4. The Balk

    A balk by Juicebox loses the game. The Berg almost signs divorce papers. Noname, Cash, and Sad Andy drink scorpion wine. Juicebox spills the beans to Chip about Jessie. Éclair tries something new with Messy Jessie.

  • 5. Bad Call

    A bad call loses the game. Berg drunk dials his ex-wife. Sad Andy takes too many mushrooms. During a poker game, Noname calls Cash and is knocked out. Messy Jessie gets a little too drunk with The Berg.

  • 6. Ejected

    Linda is ejected in an ugly loss. Noname blackmails The Berg into calling a vote for manager. Noname courts the electorate and uses Messy Jessie’s dark secret to propel him to victory.

  • 7. The Error

    Noname causes a game-losing error. Messy Jessie comes clean to Juicebox. Sad Andy gets Chip to try existentialism and weed. Cash, Éclair and Linda get drunk and compare scars, tattoos, and sob-stories.

  • 8. The Rally

    The Berg hits a walk-off homer to win the last game of the season. A revote is called, and The Berg is reinstated as manager. Juicebox and Messie Jessie makeup and do cocaine. Chip and Andy get busy.

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