The Queen's Green Planet

This landmark documentary follows Her Majesty the Queen as she launches an ambitious project to create a global network of protected forests, spanning the 52 countries of the Commonwealth. At the heart of the film is a rare, informal conversation between the Queen and her good friend Sir David Attenborough about their shared passion for nature, filmed in the gardens of Buckingham Palace. With exclusive access to members of the Royal Family, the programme follows those involved in helping the Queen realise her dream of a Commonwealth Canopy, from Prince Harry planting trees in the Caribbean, to Prince William and his family in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest. Even Hollywood star Angelina Jolie and her family are involved, working with the Namibian government on a project to plant trees in the growing desert. The film charts the progress of an extraordinary passion project that the Queen sees as a lasting legacy to the natural world, and the citizens of her beloved Commonwealth.

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