The Romeo Section

THE ROMEO SECTION is a Vancouver-based contemporary espionage thriller that centres on a veteran agent who sets out to recruit a high-value informant.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. The China Shop

    Wolfgang McGee manages his assets for the Romeo Section while fronting as a university professor.

  • 2. Repel Monkey

    Wolfgang may have found a new recruit, an agent has been arrested overseas; Dee has a gift for Rufus.

  • 3. West Ocean Ghost

    Wolfgang is interrogated about his trip to Hong Kong; Wing Fan meets General Wu's unorthodox connection.

  • 4. Fragrant Harbour

    Wolfgang meets a walk-in who casts suspicion on someone close to him; Eva learns a hard truth about Miguel.

  • 5. Five Spies

    Wolfgang contends with a suspicious walk-in; Wing Lei reluctantly enlists the help of an outsider; Dee adjusts to new surroundings; outside pressure mounts on Miguel and Eva.

  • 6. Mandate of Heaven

    Wolfgang works to get his asset out of danger; division grows amongst the gang members; a new informant is field-tested; Miguel claims to know his fate.

  • 7. Whisky Jack

    Lily is accosted by a mysterious stranger; the General meets with a man from his past; Vince is put in a tough spot, while Rufus prepares for a risky job; Eva watches Miguel unravel.

  • 8. Elephant Faces East

    One of Wolfgang's assets is missing; a foreign agency treads on Wolfgang's territory; Dee returns home to Vince, who's feeling pressure from all sides; Rufus puts his plan into motion.

  • 9. Dragon Fruit

    Intrigue surrounds Wolfgang’s newest recruit and inquiring minds fish for information; Eva faces a new threat, without Wolfgang; Rufus goes AWOL; Vince finds himself on shaky ground.

  • 10. A String of Pearls

    Things come to a head when Wolfgang's assets have to contend with the secrets they've kept.

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