The Slowest Show

THE SLOWEST SHOW is a comedy series that exploits the tension of Slow TV. With each locked-off single camera shot, every mesmerizing frame becomes a stage for physical comedy and subtle storylines.

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    First-of-its-kind comedy experience: Slow TV that's as funny as it is relaxing.

  • 1. Art Gallery

    Art is subjective. What is art? Are we art? An evening at the art gallery brings together romance, crime, a know-it-all, and someone having a very bad day, to prove that art is indeed all around us.

  • 2. Mini Putt

    There is something not quite right about this mini-putt. Filled with oddball characters, intriguing storylines and easter eggs of comedy, this course will keep you coming back to spot hidden gems.

  • 3. Wave Pool

    Ahhh the Wave Pool. The slide is open, the waves are flowing, the smell of chlorine fills the air. The influencers … influence? And our lifeguards make sure everyone is safe. Wait, where’s Granny?

  • 4. Bowling Alley

    The lanes are packed on a Friday night at the local bowling alley. Will love strike between the gutters? Will a criminal be brought to justice? Will someone bowl a perfect game? Will nuns be there?

  • 5. Ice Rink

    Will an amateur ice capade rehearsal be brought down by rival actors? How do you make your dance number stand out on TikTok? Is a community ice rink the best place for casual espionage?

  • 6. Skatepark

    Saturday at the skatepark is no picnic. On this episode of the Slowest Show - Parental love clashes with independence, beginners are pushed to their limits, and stoners go hungry for minutes on end.

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