The Sounds

From best-selling author Sarah-Kate Lynch comes an eight-part thriller that takes a missing person and a blissful marriage and turns it upside down in the sleepy settlement of Pelorus, where nothing is quite what it seems.

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    Welcome to Pelorus, the sleepy Kiwi town where nothing, including the visiting Cabbotts, is what it seems. Secrets weave through hidden valleys and deep waters. And at the centre? Maggie Cabbott.

  • 1. Open Water

    When Canadian Maggie Cabbott arrives in the idyllic Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand to be re-united with her husband Tom, their grand plans for a perfect future take a disastrous turn.

  • 2. Find the Money

    Cabbott family envoy Esther arrives, putting grieving Maggie under further pressure as the search for Tom continues. Meanwhile, out in the bush, his problems escalate.

  • 3. Not Tom

    Esther gets wind of the fishery faltering and Maggie goes on Zoe’s trail but the locals are dealt a further blow when human remains turn up at Matai Bay.

  • 4. Playing the Odds

    Maggie bonds further with Stuart in her quest to do right by Pelorus, but it’s Jack that Esther has her eyes on. Meanwhile Tom’s health spirals but he finds a friend in the bush.

  • 5. Not for Sale

    Maggie gets more devastating news about the man she thought she knew so well while Jack makes a heart-breaking discovery in the bush and Esther makes a monumental connection.

  • 6. Stick to the Plan

    Maggie revisits the plans she and Tom worked so hard to make to start their lives afresh in Pelorus, but in a shocking twist, she is forced to fight for her life.

  • 7. Help

    As Esther closes in, Maggie needs to escape Pelorus but first has to honour her promise to Mitch. Worse, now Jack is on to her although he has a stunning confession of his own.

  • 8. Make Amends

    Maggie swears to make amends to the people of Pelorus and makes an unlikely deal with Pania. Knowing that Esther is so close to the truth, she tries to flee - with catastrophic results.

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