The Stats of Life

The Stats of Life explores how households across the country compare to one another while allowing viewers to discover where they themselves fit into the bigger picture.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Dating

    In the dating episode, we get to peek behind the curtains of three very different people: an average heterosexual woman who finds dates on the internet, a single father with three children who relies on friends to help him find love, and a lesbian couple who have decided that they've dated long enough.

  • 2. Money

    In the money episode we meet a couple who find that earning the statistically average income still makes it difficult to raise a family. Plus, a woman worth $100 million who is moving her family into her dream home and a couple making a decent income but are so loaded down with debt that they’re considering bankruptcy.

  • 3. Home

    In the home episode, we meet the family with the statistically average home who are looking for ways to increase its value. Plus, a family who bought a huge home now regrets the constant upkeep and a pair of sisters who are looking to buy their first home - but right in the middle of frantic real estate bubble.

  • 4. Food

    In the food episode, we meet the statistically average family that can’t seem to make time to eat healthy meals together. Plus, a large family that has 25 people over for dinner every Friday and a couple from the east coast who have so little money that to feed themselves they forage for food, tend a garden and barter for meals with their neighbours.

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