The Story of China

The Story of China takes us on a historical adventure, exploring the stories, people and landscapes that have helped create China’s distinctive character and genius over four thousand years.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Ancestor

    Michael Wood joins the Qin family reunion as they gather to worship their ancestors.

  • 2. Silk Roads and China Ships

    Michael Wood looks at China’s first great international age under the Tang Dynasty.

  • 3. The Golden Age

    Michael Wood looks at the Song dynasty era, including its art, inventions and cuisine.

  • 4. The Ming

    The tale of the Ming dynasty begins with the amazing story of Hongqu, a peasant rebel.

  • 5. The Last Empire

    The story of China’s last empire, the Qing, which lasted from 1644 to 1912.

  • 6. The Age of Revolution

    Michael Wood investigates the three cataclysmic revolutions which shaped modern-day China.

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