The Story of Rugby

The Story of Rugby is an epic six-part global documnetary series about the key individuals and main events which have shaped the sport of rugby for the past 200 years – and in doing so, helped create not only the world of modern professional sport we know today, but the lifestyles we take for granted: the weekend, playing games, and the importance of honour in all things.

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  • 1. A Gentleman's Game

    The origins of rugby from European village football games in the Middle Ages to recreational hobby played by the well-to-do sons of the Establishment of 19th century Britain.

  • 2. An International Game

    How rugby spread from British universities to men of all social classes in the biggest Empire in history, changing nations political fortunes along the way.

  • 3. A Global Game

    How the U.S.A. received then adapted rugby into America’s national game – and how France overcame British resistance to remake rugby as ‘the beautiful game’ on a level that astonished the world.

  • 4. A Power Game

    How rugby’s misguided attempts to cling to past glories allowed media visionary Rupert Murdoch to swoop in and turn a 100-year-old staunchly amateur game fully professional.

  • 5. A Professional Game

    How France and England became the most powerful rugby nations in the world, and tiny, remote New Zealand became the number one team in rugby history.

  • 6. Tomorrow's Game

    How rugby returned to the Olympics in 2016 and finally opened its doors to women in a bold new era of change – in the process changing rugby from a niche into a sport for everyone in the world.

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