The Strange Chores

Two teenage wannabe warriors and a spirited ghost girl master the skills they need to become heroes (in training) by helping an ageing Monster Hunter complete his strange and supernatural household chores.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Witch Watch

    Something wicca this way comes when Witchy is released early, trading a bottle in the archive room for a new broom with a view. This leaves Pierce pretty disenchanted, positive she plans to cook him in her cauldron (again).

  • 2. Stop the Monster Slime

    The Gang's in a sticky situation when Pierce's homemade slime swallows the whole town, leaving them trapped in the local shop and up to their necks in trouble. But when it comes to internet fame - you win some, you ooze some.

  • 3. Stop the Monster Battles

    DJ Que's monster rap battles in the archive room just had a mic drop - 'The Fresh Pierce' is here to spit straight fire! With hype-man Charlie at his back, he's ready to bust rhymes, take names and try real hard not to choke!

  • 4. Survive Fright Swap

    Lights, Camera, Drac-tion! The Gang is thrust centre stage when Helsing swaps lives with Dracula for a reality show. Unafraid of the limelight, Dracula becomes the perfect TV father, but Que's binge-watching his every move.

  • 5. Put the Barbarian Back in the Box

    When Charlie ignores the rules of Pierce's magical boardgame, the living pieces escape, creating a dicey situation that the gang's gotta roll with. The quest is on to put them back in the box before it's game over - for reals.

  • 6. Catch a Slimer

    Law and order have a new face when the gang investigate who's responsible for a series of mysterious slimings in the neighbourhood. Chasing leads, doing lab work and questioning perps, they're gonna crack this case wide open.

  • 7. Save Li'l Helsing

    Having transformed himself into a teenager to help expose a nest of vamps at school, Helsing's got no class when he joins Daisy's bullies instead! Now the gang have to stick their necks out and find the head vamp themselves!

  • 8. Don't Trick or Tweet

    Defending the house on Halloween, Charlie's in for a fright when Pierce invites the neighbourhood (and at least one monster) over for a costume party. They must trick the gatecrasher to reveal itself before it gets its treat!

  • 9. Undo the Genie's Wish

    Helsing tasks the gang with finding a magical genie lamp, and he thinks they won't give it a polish? You wish! Now Charlie's famous, Pierce is a CEO and Que has legs! But here's the rub: some wishes are better left undone.

  • 10. Call a Monster

    The gang find Helsing's monster phone-book and the temptation for prank calls is too much to resist! But when their furious victim 'Frank' is revealed to be the scariest monster in the world, they must prepare the house for his all-out assault!

  • 11. Finish the Mops Bucket List

    When Que magically brings a sassy mop to life, it convinces new best friend Charlie to ignore a growing black hole in favour of polishing off it's 'bucket list of dreams', leaving Pierce feeling like yesterdays slop-water

  • 12. Escape the Strange Chores

    Trapped inside Que's video-game diary, Pierce's day just got graphic! One level up, Charlie's held captive as his goblin dungeon master dreams of an extra life. It will take all Pierce's gamer skills to rescue his player two.

  • 13. Clean the Toilet

    It's major treble when a flushed singing monster gets stuck in the toilet. Charlie's starting to fret, trying to keep it lowkey before it can harm anyone, but Helsing's starting to notice that his house is out of sync ...

  • 14. Host a Monster Hunter Tournament

    Charlie wrestles with being just a chore boy when Que hosts a monster hunter tournament. Entering in disguise, he's ready to lay the smackdown after a pretentious preteen participant mocks Pierce. But will his luck run out?

  • 15. Swap Back the Body Swap

    Helsing should never have trusted the gang with his mindswap ray. Now Charlie's a kettle, Pierce is a phone and Snorp has stolen his body! Que better fix this fast before Helsing's boss arrives for her annual inspection!

  • 16. Tame the Wild Wild Pest

    Trying to train Snorp is a complete catastrophe for the gang, leaving Charlie and Que feline frustrated. As word spreads he may become an 'outside pet', Snorp's enemies are coming for him - and the furs gonna fly!

  • 17. Clean the Car

    After denting Helsing's car, Que and Pierce rocket away from the consequences - all the way into space! Meanwhile Charlie is left behind to run distraction and must face the final frontier: Helsing's big book on 'Growing Up'.

  • 18. Shut the Freezer

    Things are getting very un-chill when Helsing's magic fridge gets stuck open and a gigantic snowstorm fills the house! The gang better not freeze up when there's a hungry snow beast roaming the living rooms icy tundra.

  • 19. Outsmart a Smart House

    SPHER-E, Helsing's new floating security orb, goes from BFF to Frenemy when it ejects everyone onto the lawn and takes over Helsing's house! Now the gang's gotta find a way in to give this thing the hard reboot it deserves!

  • 20. Train Snorp

    The gang's bugging out when Snorp grows gigantic - with them on his back! Discovering a wild west town of Flea-pie and a rogue monster itching to destroy them, Charlie must choose if he's gonna flee or cowboy-up and fight!

  • 21. Stop the Dummy's Dummy

    An evil living Dummy goes against the grain, branching out to try being good for once. But when unusual things start to occur and Pierce can't see the wood for the trees, Charlie suspects Dummy's at the root of the problem.

  • 22. Survive the Strange Loop

    Stuck in a time loop, Charlie & Que don't need to stop and pause when a monster attacks, they can play all day long! But when reality starts skipping and they need an exit, Pierce will show them how to take back control.

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