The Studio K Show

From our home in Studio K in the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, our friendly and funny hosts and puppet characters bring a programming block filled with laughter, play, interactivity, and great shows.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Cool Guy Kyle

    Gary tries to up his cool game to compete with the rest of the crew. Plus Victor and Tony get turned around for Upsidedown Art and the Thunderous Three help an itchy moose.

  • 2. Lights, Camera, Orlando

    Mr. Orlando abandons the security arts profession to try his hand at television directing. Gary shows Tony his favourite unicorn show, and Cottonball has a new "celebrity" guest on Rock N' Roll Rhymes.

  • 3. Algernon Rocks

    Gary introduces the gang to his new pet, Mr. Orlando starts a new fashion trend and the Thunderous Three help a chilly kitty.

  • 4. Cottonball of All Trades

    Handy-cat Cottonball saves the day with her technical "meow"ess, Gary tickles himself, your lunch goes head-to-head in a Rap Battle, and the Thunderous Three strike again.

  • 5. Piper Down

    Mr. Orlando can't wait to show off his bagpiping but gets cold feet. Upsidedownman flips things around for some Upside Down Art, and Gary gets left in the dark.

  • 6. Gary Time

    Gary tries everything he can think of to get a spot on the show but no one seems to be paying any attention. Cottonball makes a tough decision on the Tasting Game, and Mr. Orlando answers your questions.

  • 8. Switch Sitch

    When Tony brings a magical looking book to studio, Mr. Orlando and Gary accidentally switch places. Will they ever switch back or will Gary be giving out citations forever?!

  • 9. Job Security

    When Putter's security software is updated, Mr. Orlando wonders if his job will be downgraded. Can Mr. Orlando prove that they still need a security moose around?

  • 10. Show Stopper

    Everyone knows Cottonball is cute and cuddly but when she decides to reinvent her image, she pulls out some daring stunt work. Will she have the hosts flipping out over her new tricks or will she spin out?

  • 11. Wild Wild Studio

    When Tony and Victor fight over the last slice of pizza, Sheriff Orlando and Deputy Gary must keep the peace, cowboy style.

  • 12. Control, Alt. Sneeze

    When Putter gets sick, Mr. Orlando is there to give him, and the show, a helping hand. Will the Orlando family remedies give Putter a reboot?

  • 13. The Musical

    Makeup Monster can't figure out what to do for the Grand Finale for this very special musical episode of the Studio K Show. Will Makeup Monster find the courage to step up into the spotlight?

  • 14. The Ghost of Studio K!

    Studio K gets spooooky when Mr Orlando spots a ghost! There'll be tricks, treats and "thriller" rendition of Rock n Roll Rhymes!

  • 15. A Studio K Christmas

    It's Gary the Unicorn's very first Christmas and Mr. Orlando is determined to make it the best one yet...if only he knew where the missing tree ornaments were! With rocking Christmas Carols, Rapping Snacks and Frosty Fun, for the Studio K Gang, Christmas is better when they're together!

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