The Thrillusionists

Explore the mystical and fascinating world of magic with kid magicians! Our team of 3 master magicians are guaranteed to blow-your-mind.

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  • 2. Pepperoni Joey

    Joey takes Maya and Brad to his favourite place on earth, Village Pizza! Only this time, Joey will actually be making the pizza. What’s on the menu for dessert? Magic, of course!

  • 3. Magic on the Court

    The Thrillusionists get a VIP tour of Air Canada Centre, home of the Toronto Raptors! They take the court to perform an incredible illusion, will it be a slam dunk? Tune in to find out!

  • 4. He Shoots, We Score!

    Brad invites Joey and Maya to join him at his hockey practice. The Thrillusionists score big with pro, Adam Henrich, when they perform the ultimate miracle on ice: a magic championship ring!

  • 5. Birthday Party Crashers

    The Thrillusionists crash Joey’s cousins 8th birthday bowling party and attempt to knock the spectators down like the pins with their magic! No gutter balls at this party, but plenty of cake!

  • 6. Under Water Wizards

    Maya has a school project on stingrays and what better place to learn, than at the world famous, Ripley’s Aquarium. When the Thrillusionists take magic into deep water, will it be sink or swim? Tune in and get hooked on the magic!

  • 7. Prank The Principal

    Brad and Joey tag along with Maya to pull off a mind-bending magical prank on her school principal. In this episode, getting sent to the principals' office will result in an illusion worthy of the top grade: an A+!

  • 8. Magic Showdown

    It’s every kid magician for themselves as the Thrillusionists compete head to head in a magic showdown! The voice of the Jays, Mike Wilner, hosts a fierce & friendly competition between Joey, Maya and Brad at Rotblott’s Warehouse! Who will win the coveted “Cup of Aces”? Tune in to find out!

  • 9. Art is Magic

    The Thrillusionists make their way to Maya’s art class and turn a blank canvas into a magical masterpiece! Tune in to see the what happens when you mix a little paint, with a lot of magic!

  • 10. The Thrillusionists Make The News!

    What happens when Joey, Maya and Brad get invited to the set of CBC’s The National? Can they make top headlines? Tune in watch the news takeover that will leave you wondering: how the heck did they do that!?!?

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