The Tudors

The Tudors tells the incredible tale of the young, powerful, seductive King Henry VIII, focusing on the tumultuous early years of his nearly 40-year reign.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Episode I

    The young and ambitious monarch of England prepares for war with France, but is dissuaded by the diplomatic manipulation of his powerful Lord Chancellor, Cardinal Wolsey. The harmony of the King's domestic affairs is threatened when he discovers that the young and beautiful lady-in-waiting to his Queen is pregnant with his child.

  • 2. Episode II

    Henry contemplates an alliance with Charles V, King of Spain, Cardinal Wolsey's chance to become Pope is threatened and a gift of Machiavelli's "The Prince" makes Henry wonder if it's better for a king to be loved or feared.

  • 3. Episode III

    Charles V is a new and important ally. He's the most powerful man in Europe and nephew to Henry's wife. To protect this very significant alliance, the King is careful not to reveal the growing distance between himself and the Queen. That may prove difficult, though, as Henry comes face-to-face for the first time with the beautiful Anne Boleyn. Unbeknownst to the King, he's being seduced by forces more calculating than any young woman.

  • 4. Episode IV

    Henry's sister marries the decrepit King of Portugal, only to murder him soon after and return to the lustful arms of Charles Brandon. The Duke of Norfolk and Sir Thomas Boleyn continue to conspire against Cardinal Wolsey. And the King grows ever more enamored of Anne Boleyn.

  • 5. Episode V

    Henry is stunned when his ally, Emperor Charles V, releases their mutual enemy from prison. And when Anne Boleyn is insulted by his offer to make her his sole mistress, it merely redoubles his passion and resolve to marry her. However, his separation from the most powerful political figure in Europe may prove easier to affect than an annulment from his wife.

  • 6. Episode VI

    The King grows ever more confident in his role as monarch and more captivated by the young Anne Boleyn. Despite Cardinal Wolsey's influence and efforts the Catholic Church seems unable to make progress in Henry's petition for a divorce, adding to the growing discomfort of the increasingly vulnerable Wolsey.

  • 7. Episode VII

    Henry's natural optimism and energy take a beating as the King's confidence gives way to doubt and delusions. But the plague begins to disappear and the King's mistress, Anne Boleyn, has miraculously survived. Even better, an envoy of Pope Clement is on his way to England to finally convene a court which will decide on Henry's request for a divorce.

  • 8. Episode VIII

    The Pope's special envoy arrives in London to oversee the court deciding upon the legitimacy of Henry's marriage to Katherine of Aragon. The findings of this trial will have far-reaching consequences; the future of the King's amorous relationship with Anne Boleyn, Cardinal Wolsey's career and influence and England's relationship with Rome all hang in the balance.

  • 9. Episode IX

    Stripped of office and authority, Cardinal Wolsey is banished from the court and sent far from his much-beloved King. His unlikely successor is Sir Thomas More, a man unlike the forebearing Wolsey in every way but one - his loyalty to Henry.

  • 10. Episode X

    Cardinal Wolsey is down but not yet out. Although exiled, he tries to gather last-minute support from his old enemy, Queen Katherine. She hesitantly agrees to his plan, as she finds herself in a situation similar to that of the fallen Cardinal. But their plot is intercepted by the King's new advisors.

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