The Wonder Gang

Willow, Whyla and Wes are the Wonder Gang – a determined team of fact-finding kids who will do whatever it takes to answer any question about amazing animals and nature, no matter how complicated! With the help of their super cute quokka pals Quidget, Quinton and Quest, the Wonder Gang are dedicated to finding out how the natural world works.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. The Kangaroo Question

    Willow, Whyla and Wes search for facts about kangaroo pouches. Along the way, their quokka pals Quinton, Quidget and Quest learn they have something in common with kangaroos – they’re all marsupials! Meanwhile Wes tries to design a bean bag that’s perfect for naps.

  • 2. The Crocodile Question

    Willow, Whyla & Wes face their snappiest question yet as they try to find out why crocodiles like sitting in the sun. With the help of Quinton, Quidget & Quest, the gang soon uncovers reptile facts! Meanwhile, Whyla tries to work out the perfect morning routine to start her day.

  • 3. The Emu Question

    As Willow trains for her first ever fun-run, the gang searches for facts about Australia’s biggest, flightless bird – the emu. But can Quidget, Quinton and Quest help the gang work out why this fast-moving bird can’t fly, in time for the start of Willow’s run?

  • 4. The Salty Sea Question

    The gang need to discover why the sea is salty. But first they have to find out where all the water in the sea comes from. Meanwhile Wes works on a plan to add fun to his favourite slushy juices.

  • 5. The Koala Question

    The quokkas’ snacks have gone missing, leaving Quinton, Quidget and Quest feeling hungry - and sleepy! The gang need to use all their fact-finding skills to help their quokka pals as well as discovering why koalas are so sleepy!

  • 6. The Shark Question

    Quest’s first ever tooth falls out while she’s eating a leaf snack and now she can’t find it! Willow, Wes and Whyla to try to find Quest’s lost tooth while learning whether sharks’ teeth fall out too. A new invention from Quidget might just give the gang the extra help they need.

  • 7. The Great Barrier Reef Question

    Willow, Whyla and Wes return from their holidays, to their trickiest question ever: can you see the Great Barrier Reef from space? Only a special intergalactic journey from Quest and a special invention from Quidget will help them find the answer.

  • 8. The Bat Question

    Whyla is planning an extra spooky party when a question comes in about bats. Can the gang find out how bats fly in the dark before party time? Quinton has just the file to help, while Quidget designs a pair of goggles that might reveal the final clue the gang need.

  • 9. The Red Earth Question

    It’s Quest’s birthday and the gang are planning a surprise party. But can Willow, Wes and Whyla keep the party secret while they try to find out why Australia looks red from the moon? A big disaster with spilled sauce might just put their party plans on hold!

  • 10. The Echidna Question

    Willow, Whyla and Wes face their prickliest question ever: are echidnas born with spikes or do they grow them later? With the help of Quidget’s teeny tiny camera and Quest’s exploring expertise, they just might uncover the answer. Meanwhile, Quinton tries to work out what his special skill is.

  • 11. The Snow Question

    Quidget wants to invent a tasty new dessert for his Wonder Gang pals. But when his first recipes taste strange, he needs to think up a new idea. Luckily, a question about snow might give him the inspiration he’s looking for.

  • 12. The Platypus Question

    Willow, Whyla and Wes search for facts about one of the most wondrous creatures in the creek: the platypus! Their quokka pals help them discover how the platypus uses its duckbill, while Whyla sets Wes a series of skill-testing challenges – with unexpected results.

  • 13. The Blue Heeler Dog Question

    When Quidget invents a robot dog, Wes realises that he would love to have a pet of his own. But when the gang tries to find out what gives Blue Heeler dogs their special coloured fur, Wes discovers that owning a pet is a big responsibility.

  • 14. The Rainforest Question

    Quest heads to the rainforest to help Willow, Whyla and Wes find out why there are so many insects there. Meanwhile, Quidget and Whyla try to help Wes overcome a big problem. Could Quidget’s shrink ray invention be the answer?

  • 15. The Sand Question

    Quinton is excited to enter a sculpture-building competition at the beach. But when his first attempt doesn’t go to plan, Quinton must come up with a whole new idea. Can the gang help Quinton build his sculpture in time – and work out what sand is made of?

  • 16. The Big Lizard Question

    The gang search for reptile facts to help them discover Australia’s biggest lizard. But the answer might be bigger - and older - than they expected. Could the final clue be hiding in a file in Quinton’s library? And will Whyla work out what to paint on her brand-new canvas?

  • 17. The Ice Question

    Wes has a big problem. His fabulous new dessert is frozen solid, thanks to an accidental blast from Quidget’s latest invention. As the gang searches for facts about ice, Wes realises that the solution to his frosty problem might be closer than he thinks.

  • 18. The Kookaburra Question

    Willow, Whyla and Wes need to find out why kookaburras laugh. Is it because they love telling each other jokes? Maybe Quest’s recordings of kookaburras will help them find the facts they need. Meanwhile, Willow investigates the mystery of the missing snacks.

  • 19. The Jellyfish Question

    Willow, Whyla and Wes face their fishiest question so far: are jellyfish really fish? Quest heads to the ocean to help find the answer. But can Wes come up with the perfect idea for a dessert that’s delicious and super healthy.

  • 20. The Gold Question

    It’s the shiniest question yet as the gang try to find out where gold comes from. When Wes discovers a secret pirate treasure map, he teams up with Quinton to search for the hidden gold. But the clues lead them to an unexpected answer.

  • 21. The Fish School Question

    Something fishy is going on as the gang try to discover why fish swim in schools. First, they need to find out what a fish school is and whether they have classrooms. Meanwhile, Wes tries to design the perfect backpack.

  • 22. The Snakeskin Question

    The gang need extra help from their quokka pals to answer a slippery question: why do snakes shed their skin? As they piece together the clues, they try to work out why Willow has suddenly grown out of her clothes. Is it the power of Quidget’s new smoothies or something even more unexpected?

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