The Writers' Block

A writing team working on a new TV series struggle to deal with script deadlines, network interference, and procrastination as their personal lives become increasingly complicated.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Smiley Kissy Face

    Somerset Isle is in production and David has a secret that could threaten its livelihood.

  • 2. Spy

    Startled by the prowess of a new PA, the writers wonder if there are dark forces at work.

  • 3. Camp

    The writers face off against a Hollywood director with ideas about changing Somerset Isle.

  • 4. Murder

    The pressure is mounting and David and Matt are going for the gold in procrastination.

  • 5. Tan

    Aurora hands Matt more responsibility, driving a jealousy wedge between him and David.

  • 6. Cake

    Aurora’s birthday is soured by Dorian’s intentions for the season finale of Somerset Isle.

  • 7. Asylum

    David and Matt pull an all-nighter for all the wrong reasons.

  • 8. Mummy

    Aurora brings an unexpected visitor to work much to the delight of David and Matt.

  • 9. Wizard

    David has a BIG surprise for Aurora and Matt... Who have a gross surprise for David.

  • 10. Champagne

    A celebration is cut short by divisive announcements, discord and a visit from a nemesis.

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