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THIS ART WORKS! profiles Canadian artists with an absurdist comedic bent, creating a bizarre world unlike any other.

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  • 1. How-To Make a Doctor’s Note Against Intolerance and Normalize BDSM

    In the premiere episode of This Art Works! our host, “The Head,” a Greco-Roman sculptural bust, gets advice from artist Leaf Jerlefia about how to respond to microaggressions through her art project “Doctor’s Notes Against Intolerance.” The Head also learns to embrace his true self with help from artist Kayla Polan and her playful “BDSM Sculptures.” Two selfie-obsessed Millennials (played by Chris Wilson and Isabel Kanaan) are on a dramatic quest for the perfect art gallery pic (Warning! This episode contains adult content).

  • 2. How-To Make Za'atar and Build a Blanket Fort

    In this episode of This Art Works! The Head experiences a close call with the museum’s Security Guard. Meanwhile, Basil AlZeri and his mom call it in to make traditional za’atar in his “Mobile Kitchen Lab.”

  • 3. How-To Feed a Worm and Do Your Laundry!

    In this episode of This Art Works! the Head meets Dave, a sexy nude statue who is the newest resident at the gallery. Artist Paul Chartrand and his partner Henry the worm transform ineffective political documents into fresh soil for social change. In the meantime, a young artist tries to win over a panel of judges in a tense moment on “Artists’ Cavern”. Finally, artist Dana Prieto shares secrets with the Head as they air out their dirty laundry together.

  • 4. How-To Weave Underwear and Give Makeovers

    The Head wishes Dave the sexy statue would cover up a little more, and artist Yuling Chen helps out by weaving a gender-fluid fundoshi underwear for him to model. We see what’s fresh and cool at the Local Art School. Meanwhile, Emily Neill gives an eco-friendly makeover to old textiles to create new pieces that she loans out to her friends.

  • 5. How-To Go Viral and Take a Long Walk

    The Head wishes he could get outdoors into the sun and gets his wish granted with help from some artworks! Artist Pablo Munez kisses his boyfriend across the border and goes viral with his cause about queer migrant rights. You can learn how to get your own cause out in the world by making DIY Protest Signs with Paddy Leung! Elle and Tamira from Public Studio bring the Head along on a really really long walk through the Bruce Trail to investigate capitalism and climate change.

  • 6. How-To Draw Libraries and Make Zines

    Daniel Rotsztain, the Urban Geographer, helps quench the Head’s thirst for knowledge with a bike ride to the library and a greasy slice of ‘za. In a climactic moment on Guess that Intent, Millicent is guessing the meaning behind a really abstract piece of artwork, and desperately needs help! Finally, artist Kaya Joan grooves to an original jam by Solancey, while she makes her zine about black hair pride!

  • 7. How-To Self-Care with Ceramics and be Beige Cathy

    The Head’s had such a stressful week bogged down with the pressing issues of the world - good thing a few artists are here to help out! Artist Ness Lee helps him clear his head with her therapeutic clay-making process - now if only he could open his “third eye!" Beige Cathy shares her guide to raising awareness about the issues of the day, armed only with a smartphone and the perfect knapsack. In the meantime Paddy Leung shows us how we can gift our offensive relatives during the holidays with explosive DIY Truth Bath Bombs!

  • 8. How-To Make Your Message Felt and Fake Street Signs

    In this episode The Head wishes people could express the same passion for pressing social issues that they do for sports. Artist Adrienne Crossman shows The Head how he can be a good team player for social issues by making political felt pennants! We pay a visit at the the Local Art School to see some pretty rad student work. Meanwhile, artist duo Timeanddesire are on a covert mission to disrupt the city through their fake street signs.

  • 9. How-To Make Art for Bees and Turn Porn into Butterflies

    The Head takes us to a new exhibit at the latest BUZZ-ing art gallery, but the paintings don’t seem to be visible to the usual gallery patrons. Artist Marjan Verstappen reveals different paintings that are only visible to the eyes of the honeybees. Tough Guy Mountain’s Ivan Phone wants to support the arts with an economical commission for his lounge, but fellow executive Ashlee Holograph disagrees. Meanwhile artist Julius Poncelet Manapul decides to take gay porn representing Western standards of beauty through a metamorphosis into something surprising!

  • 10. How-To Record Your Period and Represent Black Bodies

    In the last episode of the season The Head is ashamed to learn that he needs to be repaired. Annie Wong helps him deal his shame by sharing how she transformed her own shame about her menstruation into period pride! Paddy Leung teaches us how to make a DIY Tamponata filled with expensive tampons to share with your friends at your next moon party. Finally artist Farihah Shah shows how we can use photography and art to confront uncomfortable issues, no matter how prickly they are!

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