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Leaving in 8 days

Set in contemporary Montreal, THIS LIFE is a funny, honest, heartfelt series about a regular family whose world turns upside down overnight.

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Episodes Season 2

  • 1. Stay Positive

    Natalie chooses hope as she embarks on her experimental drug trial, not knowing if she’s receiving the placebo or the drug. She clashes with her ex-husband David when he threatens to derail her guardianship plans for their daughters.

  • 2. Perfect Day

    Maggie invites the Lawsons to a very unconventional housewarming party. Natalie and her friend Tia pursue an experiential day, determined to live life on their own terms.

  • 3. Coping Cards

    Natalie battles through a storm of side effects while her family fumbles in their attempts to support her. Oliver second-guesses his ability to come through for Romy. Matthew makes an attempt to repair things with Nicole.

  • 4. Communion

    Matthew and Nicole host a celebration for Abby's first communion but family tensions get in the way. Natalie takes David to court to revoke his parental rights.

  • 5. Scanxiety

    Natalie seeks distraction as she awaits scan results that will determine her future. Maggie and Raza have an awkward lunch with her parents.

  • 6. Intervention

    Natalie struggles to adjust to a new health prognosis. Maggie, Natalie and Matthew try to help Oliver but find themselves at odds with one another.

  • 7. Joyride

    David finds himself caught between his two families when Natalie invites him over for dinner. Maggie and Raza attempt to validate their marriage to an immigration officer and Oliver's life reaches a breaking point.

  • 8. Destruction as Creation

    Oliver struggles with the realities of being hypomanic and the collateral damage caused to his studio. Natalie's treatment is at a crossroads when she's faced with the risky prospect of doubling her dose.

  • 9. Well Fought, My Love

    An unexpected crisis shakes the Lawsons to their core. The family rallies together as a second situation arises complicating things for Natalie.

  • 10. Choose Life

    In the wake of her medical crisis, Natalie's future is uncertain. Caleb returns home with unexpected news and Matthew, Maggie, and Oliver all face big decisions.

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