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  • 1. Space Weather, Fixing Homelessness, and Construction Nightmares

    Nov. 16, 2022 | Is the sun responsible for climate change? Plus — we speak to Montreal business owners who are struggling to get customers through the front door due to road construction.

  • 2. Mass Shooting Inquiry, Housing Changes, and Pollution in the St. Lawrence

    Nov. 30, 2022 | Are new zoning rules the solution to affordable housing in Ontario? Plus — a deep dive into what a public inquiry revealed about the 2022 mass shooting in Nova Scotia.

  • 3. Permafrost, Norway House, and Land Back

    Dec. 14, 2022 | What happens when the permafrost thaws? Plus - why the battle continues for the Delgamuukw land title case.

  • 4. Red Lights, Accessible Parks, and Mount Robson

    Jan. 11, 2023 | How do red lights keep traffic moving? Plus - can hiking trails become climate-proof?

  • 5. Grain Elevators, Green Hydrogen, and Creative Food Budgeting

    Jan. 18, 2023 | Is green hydrogen really eco-friendly? Plus — how people are creatively dealing with rising food costs.

  • 6. Fermentation Technology, Accessibility, and Music Copyright

    Jan. 25, 2023 | Can fermentation help improve food security? Plus - How an app is breaking down accessibility barriers.

  • 7. Noelle O’Soup, Bright Lights, and Menstrual Products

    Feb. 8, 2023 | What happened to Noelle O'Soup? Plus - How the ultra-bright lights in The Battery finally went dark?

  • 8. Electric Vehicle Jobs, Lil Bands Hockey Tournament, and Concussions

    Feb. 15, 2023 | Will electric vehicles mean fewer blue-collar jobs? Plus - bringing First Nations together at the hockey rink.

  • 9. Brown Girl Outdoor World, ADHD, and a Pioneering Basketball Coach

    Feb. 22, 2023 | How one group is changing the narrative for BIPOC women in the Canadian outdoors. Plus - CBC News’s Emily Fitzpatrick shares her journey with ADHD.

  • 10. Repurposing Single-use Face Masks, Working Mom Burnout, and Tiny Homes

    Mar. 15, 2023 | How single-use face masks are being repurposed. Plus - the struggles of working moms.

  • 11. Why Canadians Can’t Find a Family Doctor

    Mar. 22, 2023 | A day in the life of a family doctor in Canada.

  • 12. Totem Pole Returned Home, and Alberta Rural Firefighter Fatigue

    Apr. 12, 2023 | A totem pole is returned home after a century. Plus - what it’s like to be a firefighter in rural Alberta.

  • 13. Deep Brain Stimulation, and High School Students Make Meals for a Food Bank

    Apr. 26, 2023 | Why deep brain stimulation worked for the CBC’s Harry Forestell. Plus - these high school students are cooking for food banks.

  • 14. Accessing Dialysis in Northern Ontario, and Bad Parking Lots

    May. 10, 2023 | Why it’s so hard to access dialysis in northern Ontario. Plus - what makes a parking lot bad.

  • 15. Solutions to family doctor shortage, and Vancouver’s decampment one month later

    May. 24, 2023 | What’s being done to solve the family doctor shortage? Plus - revisiting a controversial decampment site in Vancouver one month later.

  • 16. Food Sovereignty

    June 28, 2023 | The importance of food sovereignty in Six Nations of the Grand River.

  • 17. Prepping for a Drag Show

    Montreal drag queen Pythia hits the stage with Sasha Velour, and shares an intimate look at what it takes to create a garment from concept to performance.

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