This Wild Life

Wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton and family move to the romantic Samburu National Reserve in northern Kenya to run a safari lodge for the first time.

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  • 1. Episode 1

    Things get off to a rocky start when guests arrive earlier than expected and an elephant emergency pushes everyone to their limits. Has the family got what it takes to survive their new wild life?

  • 2. Episode 2

    Wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton, together with her husband Frank and their three young children, move to the romantic Samburu National Reserve in Kenya to run a safari camp for the first time. But life out there isn't easy.

  • 3. Episode 3

    The family's first few weeks running a safari camp in a rugged outpost on northern Kenya's frontier have been a rollercoaster ride. Now the real test begins. The rainy season hits Samburu National Reserve. As a rogue flash flood hits camp, Saba races to protect the camp and the animals. In the reserve, a mother elephant and her young calf are in trouble.

  • 4. Episode 4

    The family is settling into their new life running a safari camp and protecting elephants in northern Kenya's remote Samburu National Reserve. Guests have arrived and are expecting a luxury wildlife experience, but Saba is called away to rescue an injured crocodile. And the camp team comes face to face with a bull elephant in a dramatic search for a young child lost in the bush. It's a nail-biting adventure for Saba and her warrior friends.

  • 5. Episode 5

    The family's safari camp reopens after the rainy season but Saba's worst nightmare is turning into reality. She has a houseful of guests on their way, the cupboards are bare and there's nowhere for them to sleep. Husband Frank has problems of his own. He must fit a tracking device to a six-ton bull elephant, but the mission does not go according to plan.

  • 6. Episode 6

    Husband Frank races to rescue a lioness in need of help. A power crisis strikes camp and a member of the team is rushed to the hospital with suspected malaria. Can Saba and Frank keep their dream alive and the guests happy during their busiest week so far?

  • 7. Episode 7

    Saba, Frank and the children have settled into their new home at the safari camp, but life in this frontier gets tough as the summer heats up. Saba's guests are accidentally stranded at a remote airstrip in the scorching African sun. The team races to pick them up while Saba makes sure that the camp is ready. Husband Frank puts himself on the frontline in the fight against ivory poachers.

  • 8. Episode 8

    Drought is beginning to make life difficult for people and wildlife in Kenya's Samburu National Reserve. Saba's daring plan to track down elephants for her guests goes wrong. Frank is concerned about a herd of young orphaned elephants heading into danger. With no leader to guide them, can they find their way to safety?

  • 9. Episode 9

    Saba is worried about newborn lion cubs 'Night' and 'Day' whose mother is finding it hard to find food. The lioness must leave them to go hunting. Frank and David take to the air to search for a teenage elephant called 'Salma' whose tracking collar has stopped sending a signal, causing worry that poachers may be responsible. Drought is hitting hard, luring grumpy bull elephants into camp.

  • 10. Episode 10

    The lack of rain is testing relationships to breaking point as wildlife and people are forced into Samburu National Reserve. Saba and Frank are struggling to keep lions and elephants safe. Local nomads are looking for food for their animals, bringing livestock into Elephant Watch Camp. Frank visits a dog training centre to meet 'Tarzan', a potential secret weapon in his battle against poachers. Saba watches over a male lion that has hunted a cow inside the Reserve and is in danger of attack by angry nomads.

  • 11. Episode 11

    With the drought biting hard, food is in short supply and cheeky monkeys are taking over the family's safari camp. With water running short, Saba is struggling to give her guests the experience they expect. Frank and David set off on a dangerous mission to help the biggest bull elephant in northern Kenya.

  • 12. Episode 12

    The team gear up to celebrate the end of the tourist season Samburu style. With the rains on their way, Saba and the team watch over elephant mothers about to give birth as Frank and David try to safeguard the future of Samburu's spectacular wildlife.

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