Tom Green's Snow Jam

Leaving in 12 days

Comedian, actor and extreme sports enthusiast Tom Green travels across the beautiful provinces of Alberta and British Columbia on a snowboarding, comedy, and hip-hop tour to explore the local culture.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Vancouver, Victoria & Nelson

    Tom begins his tour of B.C with performances in Vancouver and Victoria. He then heads to Nelson for a little bit of snowboarding.

  • 2. Nelson, Cranbrook & Fernie

    Tom performs in Nelson then heads to Cranbrook where he shows off his music skills. The crew then heads to Fernie for snowboarding and an evening of curling with the locals.

  • 3. Fernie

    Tom spends a day snowboarding in Fernie, where he samples poutine and Caesars. The crew pays a visit to the World’s Largest Truck.

  • 4. Lethbridge

    Tom heads to Lethbridge, Alberta to perform and ends up sharing the stage with a passionate audience member.

  • 5. Snowmobiling in Golden

    Tom spends the day in Golden, B.C. snowmobiling in the backcountry in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains so he can access some untouched powder.

  • 6. Dog sledding in Kamloops

    Tom travels to Kamloops B.C. where he goes dog sledding and on mountain trails, and even gets the chance to lead the pack.

  • 7. SunPeaks / Heli Boarding

    Tom meets Olympic Gold Medalist and Senator Nancy Greene, then enjoys a day of Heli-boarding at the legendary Wiegele Heliski Resort.

  • 8. Whistler

    After reflecting on his adventures and helping a group of tourists take a photo, Tom heads to Whistler, B.C. for the final performance of the tour.

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