A young reclusive singer/songwriter is discovered online and invited to join a mysterious, high-pressure music production team that creates hits for superstars.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Music is Life

    After secretly writing and posting a hit song, 16-year-old Tala is DMed by an uber producer who wants her on his songwriting team.

  • 2. Damage Control

    Tala feels sidelined when Uriah introduces her as an intern to rapper Cas Cray, yet manages to bond with him on a takeout run.

  • 3. Out of Step

    Tala continues lying to her father and heads to the studio to help Shin, who is ditching his K-pop supergroup, find his truth and go solo.

  • 4. Sky is Falling

    Forbidden by her father to return to the studio and forced to work her hospital shift, a defiant Tala is determined write a song.

  • 5. Secret Song

    Thrown out of the house for defying her father, Tala crashes at the studio and channels her sorrow into a song for Elianna.

  • 6. Perfect Fit

    Tala’s fledgling friendship with Elianna is challenged when Uriah enlists her to write a song for Elianna’s recent ex and his new squeeze.

  • 7. Didn’t See It Coming

    Feeling like she’s BFFs with Elianna leads Tala to diss the contributions of Aidan and Sabriel, jeopardizing her spot on The Wave.

  • 8. Trust

    Tala’s all-in attitude to music leaves her alienated from her sister and father and now threatens her professional relationship with Elianna.

  • 9. Love or Money

    In the wake of her betrayal of Elianna, Tala punishes herself by abandoning her songwriting aspirations and the studio team.

  • 10. The Light

    Forced to re-evaluate what makes her happy, Tala realizes it’s her musical gifts and the love and surprising support of her sister and father.

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