True and the Rainbow Kingdom

True and Bartleby, the cat, help the citizens of Rainbow Kingdom; True has the ability to activate the magical powers of the wishing tree.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Super Duper Dance Party

    Rainbow City is ready for the Super Duper Dance Party! DJ Bingo Bango is afraid to play. True and the wishes have a plan.

  • 2. Frookie Sitting

    True agrees to take care of the Rainbow King’s castle and his magical plant. There’s lots of trouble when Frookie becomes a big problem.

  • 3. Zappy Cling!

    Oops! Bartleby is charged up with Zee’s Zappy Cling energy. And now everything is sticking to him and True needs to get him un-stuck- soon!

  • 4. Zip Zap Zoooom!

    Today is the Great Rainbow Rally and all the racers are ready for fun. Grizelda really really really wants to win!

  • 5. A Royal Stink

    It’s Royal Request Day, and the Rainbow King asks True be Queen for a Day. It’s super fun until Stinko comes along.

  • 6. Great Grizmos!

    Grizelda bedazzles her castle with so many crystals that it starts to sink. The Grizmos are in danger. True needs TipTop, Zepplo, and Slipzy to help.

  • 7. Wishing Heart Hollow

    Bartleby protects their picnic from hungry Yetis. The Rainbow King runs into trouble down in the Wishing Heart Hollow.

  • 8. The Kittynati

    There’s a flood in the forest. Can True rescue the forest creatures? Can Bartleby earn his Red Tabby Belt at the Kittynati Dojo?

  • 9. Little Helpers

    Little Helpers want to help, and help, and help some more. They can’t stop helping! Now the Rainbow Citizens need True’s help.

  • 10. A Berry Big Mystery

    The Rainbow King’s Nummle Berries have gone missing. It’s up to Detectives True and Bartleby to uncover the Berry Bandit!

  • 11. Super Duper Dance Party! - Music Video

    You’re invited to Bingo Bango’s Super Duper Dance Party! Check out the coolest dance moves from True, Bartleby, Grizelda, and all your favorite friends from the Rainbow Kingdom!

  • 12. The Kittynati - Music Video

    Sing along with Bartleby as he trains to become a Kittynati ninja! Do you have what it takes to earn your Red Tabby Belt?

  • 13. Little Helpers - Music Video

    This silly song features all the funniest mishaps of the Little Helpers! Can you keep up with Bartleby as he chases them around Rainbow Kingdom?

  • 14. Glummy's Gloom - Music Video

    Feelin’ blue? Sing along with Glummy and True! You can help True turn Glummy's frown upside down!

  • 15. Full Speed Fun - Music Video

    Ready...set....go! Hit the road with True and Bartleby! It’s a high-fivin’, hip-shakin’, twist and turnin’ sing-a-long that will keep you groovin’ all the way to the finish line!

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