True Dating Stories

Who doesn’t love a great dating story? Whether it’s true romance or a night gone horribly wrong, we spend hours discussing all the juicy details. Now you don’t have to settle for stories from your BFF. On True Dating Stories, the greatest dating stories ever told are reenacted by performers with all the drama, romance, and comedy they deserve. These sexy, jaw-dropping comedic re-enactments will make you laugh, cry, and quite possibly swear off dating altogether.

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Episodes Season 2

  • 1. Phelisha

    When Phelisha, a young woman of colour, agrees to date her cool, sexy co-worker, she’s shocked to see that he's changed his whole look and attitude to try to appeal to her more on a cultural level.

  • 2. Lily

    Lily is persuaded by her co-worker to go on a date with a regular customer. After a good start, the date begins to spiral downward as he reveals a bad habit and a creepy hobby.

  • 3. Glenn

    Glenn is pumped when a buff guy asks him on a gym date, but as this arrogant hottie begins to reveal his strange quirks, self-obsession and serious roid rage, Glenn worries it might not "work out."

  • 4. Cory

    Cory gets picked up by a super sexy older woman: his very own Stifler’s Mom! But his awesome one-night-stand turns into a dangerous two-day quest to retreive a family heirloom.

  • 5. Laura

    Laura plots to hook up with a hot guy by becoming his dog walker, but the plan backfires when she uses an awkward "pet name" in the bedroom.

  • 6. Gabriel

    When sailing instructor Gabriel asks a woman on a romantic sailing date, the wind isn't the only thing that blows.

  • 7. Steph

    A female stand up comic invites a Tinder date to her show and gets big laughs roasting him from the stage. But later, she chokes.

  • 8. Che

    A Canadian scuba instructor in Mexico hooks up with a beautiful Norwegian babe, but things get loco when her husband, and the police, crash the fiesta.

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