True North Calling

True North Calling shows life in the country’s harshest environment, while discovering who’s making it ‘up there,’ why they love it, and how they not only get by, but thrive.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Taking Risks

    A young man leads change in Iqaluit, while in Inuvik another risks it all with a bold new idea.

  • 2. Living Off the Land

    A fourth generation fisherman passes on traditions on Great Slave Lake, while in Whitehorse a pair of organic farmers live entirely off the grid.

  • 3. Next Steps

    An Inuvik based tour operator begins a bold new adventure, while in Iqaluit a community leader takes another brave step toward his political career.

  • 4. Growing Pains

    In Yellowknife a fisherman tries his hand at something new, while the farmers struggle to make the most of the summer season.

  • 5. New Beginnings

    A TV producer in Iqaluit struggles to make a show entirely in Inuktitut, as the farmers get a long awaited addition to the farm.

  • 6. The Future

    A young woman scrambles to finish a TV show against all the hurdles the north provides, while everyone else prepares for the next season.

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