Under New Management

Arlene Dickinson, one of Canada’s most renowned & influential venture capitalists, takes budding entrepreneurs on a roller coaster ride as she introduces them to three prospective businesses for sale.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. His Money, Her Time

    Arlene helps Indiana Pacers guard Cory Joseph and his sister Danielle search for a small business that will support him and his family after he retires from the NBA.

  • 2. Escape the Cubicle

    Simon and Vanessa are ready to leave the cubicle lifestyle - and their successful careers - behind in order to become entrepreneurs. Arlene shows them three diverse businesses.

  • 3. Stepping Stone Business

    Arlene helps Sheri-Anne and Charlene search for a stepping-stone business to help them towards their long term entrepreneurship goal of owning a nursing home.

  • 4. Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

    After winning a dream home lottery, Boris is looking to invest in a business to run with his children. Arlene helps him, his son Anton, and his son-in-law Steven, make this life-changing choice.

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