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Uytae Lee explores the issues in our neighbourhoods that affect our daily lives. In each episode, he investigates local challenges like the lack of public washrooms, transit accessibility and housing.

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  • 1. Why Public Bathrooms Suck in North America

    North America sucks at doing public washrooms. We don’t have anywhere near enough of them and the few that we do have are terrible. Why can’t we get our sh*t together?

  • 2. The Problem with SUVs

    Bigger cars are becoming more and more popular. The problem? They’re making the roads deadlier for other vehicles and pedestrians.

  • 3. The Industrial Land Crisis

    Cities often redevelop warehouses and factories into fancy new apartments and shopping districts. That can lead to a problem - a critical shortage of industrial land.

  • 4. How to Fix Bus Stop Signs

    A quest to redesign bus stop signs across Canada to demonstrate how a few design changes could make the buses so much more accessible to the average person.

  • 5. A "Special" Solution to the Housing Crisis

    From the '60s to the '80s, one specific house was constructed in Vancouver over 10,000 times. "The Vancouver Special" could offer solutions to the current housing crises in cities across Canada.

  • 6. How to Stop Dumping Sewage into the Water

    Every year, cities across Canada dump billions of litres of raw sewage into rivers, lakes and oceans. How did we get into this mess and how do we get out?

  • 7. The Heritage Dilemma

    Many older buildings are preserved for their historical significance and character. Should cities and citizens feel much more conflicted about this?

  • 8. What Do We Do About River Floods?

    With climate change, rivers across Canada are expected to flood more often, posing a threat to surrounding communities. Can any good come of this?

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