A dramatic comedy set in Toronto, virgins! follows the lives of four 20-something year-old women who are too modest for the big city, and too provocative for the East-African homes they come from.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Started from the Bottom

    Aby, Amina, Delina and Sara share updates on their progress at their monthly Manifestation Sunday brunch.

  • 2. Dreams Money Can Buy

    Delina starts a new job while Amina prepares for an audition with her coworker, Carmen.

  • 3. One Dance

    Amina gets a callback for her film and Aby throws a house party to celebrate!

  • 4. Work

    Amina is at a cross-roads with her career. Delina is juggling two jobs with her complicated home life.

  • 5. Signs

    Aby starts to see Deen in a new light. Sara finally introduces Ash to meet her family.

  • 6. God's Plan

    Delina invites Tristan to a church sermon, and overprotective Aby invites herself along. Amina has her first table read for her film and gets some shocking news at work.

  • 7. In My Feelings

    Sara is struggling to accept her messy break-up with Ash. Aby and Deen take their work away from the office and to a local pub.

  • 8. Worst Behaviour

    Amina seeks Janaya for advice on her career given the recent news. Delina comes home and finds her brother causing more trouble than anticipated.

  • 9. Trust Issues

    Aby, Amina and Delina treat Sara to a self-care Sunday before giving her the bad news.

  • 10. Nice For What

    Aby and WorkBAE's fling comes to a halt. Delina seeks justice for her mom's firing which might come at a cost to her career. Sara and Amina confide in each other as their lives get more complicated.

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