What Would Sal Do?

A modern-day parable of an entitled jackass who, for the first time in his life, is challenged to be a good person when he’s told that he's the Second Coming of Christ. What Would Sal Do? is about many things, not the least of which is hope. Hope that even the worst among us are capable of greatness.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Punches Pilot

    After thirty years, Maria finally tells Sal the truth - she was a virgin when she found out she was pregnant with him. Sal is the Second Coming! In an effort to placate his mother’s insane claim, Sal sets out to do one good deed. One. Take a Homeless Guy to lunch. It’s a gesture that starts with the best intentions, but ends with Sal getting thrown in jail where he performs his first ‘miracle’.

  • 2. Sal and the Bullies

    When he tries to help a neighbourhood kid deal with his bully, Sal gets tased and forced to dig his own grave at gunpoint, making him brutally aware that being a good person is anything but easy. Meanwhile, a spark is rekindled between Maria and her old flame, Joe, who is long since married... to Maria’s sister.

  • 3. The First Stone

    When Sal finds out that his crush Nicole is being evicted because she works at a Rub n’ Tug, he vows to help her. Fortunately, a miraculous connection allows Sal to use her landlords’ worst secrets against them. Meanwhile, Maria tries to make peace with her sister, Leena, over the fact that she married the love of Maria’s life.

  • 4. Loaves and Fishes

    Father Luke sends Sal to an out of town public speaking course - Jesus was a great orator, and Sal will be too. But Sal ends up going on a major coke bender instead. Meanwhile with the house to herself for the first time ever, Maria masturbates... also for the first time ever. Filled with regret, she confesses her transgression to Father Luke.

  • 5. Fruit of the Womb

    Sal gets a surprise visit from a woman claiming he’s the father of her baby. When a paternity test proves he isn’t the father, Sal promises Maria (who knows the pain of being a single mother) he’ll help the woman find her baby’s real father. Meanwhile, Maria kisses her sister’s husband, Joe.

  • 6. Vince's Uncle

    When Vince tells Sal he has to bring his miserable Uncle Harold to his surprise party, Sal tags along in the hopes of keeping his good deed streak alive. So instead of going to the surprise party, Sal insists they make Uncle Harold enjoy life again.

  • 7. Sal is Out

    Sal decides to tell Nicole he’s the Second Coming, prompting her to kick Sal out of her life. Shortly thereafter, Vince is hit by a car, Maria finds out she has a lump on her breast, and Sal comes face-to-face with a crazy man who also thinks he’s the Saviour, making Sal realize how crazy he was forever believing he could actually be the Second Coming.

  • 8. A King is Born

    Done with being the Second Coming, and still reeling from Maria’s lump, Sal just wants a normal life, that is until he runs into the Homeless Guy (episode 1). Sal turned his life around and he insists on returning the favour by taking Sal back to the Rub and Tug where, unfortunately, Sal is once again arrested. But this time, he may never get out.

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