When Calls the Heart

When Calls the Heart follows the story of a young schoolteacher who has just arrived in Coal Valley, a 19th century coal mining town in the Western Frontier.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Lost and Found

    Young and determined Elizabeth Thatcher arrives in rural Coal Valley, where she has accepted a teaching post, and is immediately faced with the challenges that come with prairie living.

  • 2. Cease and Desist

    Coal Valley's widows, facing eviction from their homes, strike a deal with mine boss Henry Gowen, which leads them into the mines. Lead by Abigail Stanton and Cat Montgomery, the women work to win the rights to their homes.

  • 3. A Telling Silence

    Elizabeth takes a special interest in one of her students, Rosaleen Sullivan, who has not spoken since the mine disaster. Jack begins to look into the church fire, but puts the investigation on hold when Rosaleen goes missing.

  • 4. Secrets and Lies

    Evidence against Cat Montgomery is piling up and Jack has no choice but to arrest her for the burning of the church. Elizabeth takes care of the Montgomery children while Jack attempts to prove Cat's innocence.

  • 5. The Dance

    New miners arrive in Coal Valley in preparation for the re-opening of the mine. One of the new miners, Billy Hamilton, takes a special interest in Elizabeth and Jack becomes suspicious of Billy's intentions.

  • 6. These Games

    Coal Valley is abuzz regarding the annual "Miner's Games" as Jack continues to worry about the budding relationship between Elizabeth and Billy. Complications arise in Carla's pregnancy.

  • 7. Second Chances

    Elizabeth and Jack work to repair their friendship while Elizabeth takes a special interest in helping a student with a learning disability. Abigail ponders opening a café.

  • 8. Perils of the Soloist

    Adam Miller struggles to adjust to his disability while Elizabeth suddenly realizes she is responsible for the production of the annual Coal Valley Founder's Day Play.

  • 9. Change of Heart

    Elizabeth and Jack's relationship finally takes a romantic turn, just as Jack learns he has been assigned to a new post. Elizabeth's sister Julie Thatcher visits Coal Valley.

  • 10. Love Comes First

    Nate being in town is dangerous as the Tolliver Gang descends upon Coal Valley. Elizabeth and Julie are taken hostage and it is up to Jack and Patrick to rescue them.

  • 11. Rules of Engagement

    Elizabeth and Jack deal with the surprise arrival of Jack's ex-fiancé, Rosemary Leveaux. Jack continues his investigation of the mine disaster with the help of his former professor Inspector Bill Avery.

  • 12. Prelude to a Kiss

    Elizabeth has to decide whether or not to accept the new teaching position while she and Jack continue to sort out their feelings for each other. Bill and Jack find damning evidence during their investigation.

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