Winnipeg Comedy Festival

A no-holds barred standup comedy festival - but don't take our word for it - take theirs!

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Episodes Season 16

  • 1. Lady Like

    Comedians explore femininity and the problems with unrealistic expectations, double-standards, and mansplaining. Host: Nikki Payne, with Erica Sigurdson, Robby Hoffman, Nile Seguin, Fatima Dhowre, Nathan Macintosh, Cara Connors.

  • 2. Virgin Territory

    Hosted by Gavin Crawford, comics present material on virgin experiences. First child? First communion? First heart attack? Whatever the chosen topic for Virgin Territory, it’s all a first. Performances by Dave Hemstad, Ivan Decker, Martha Chaves, Big Daddy Tazz, Derek Seguin and Adrienne Fish.

  • 3. Good Neighbours

    Hosted by Tommy Chong, comics share stories about what it means to be neighbourly. Good Neighbours explores all kinds of concepts – from the house next door, to roommates, to neighbouring cities, and even nations. Featuring performances by Mark James Heath, Rob Bebenek, Tim Nutt, Shazia Mirza and Sean Emeny.

  • 4. I Heart Love

    Hosted by Will Sasso, I Heart Love brings you love... exciting and new... and sometimes so painful all you can do is laugh. Performances by Patrick Haye, Amanda Brooke Perrin, Joe Vu, Jen Grant, Jacob Samuel and Jackie Kashian.

  • 5. Hot Mess

    Hosted by Howie Miller, comedians lay out their insecurities, bad habits, shortcomings and personal failings. Hot Mess is about laughing with them, not at them. Performances by Jeff McEnery, Kathleen McGee, Matt Wright, Rebecca Reeds, Julie Kim and Glen Foster.

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