Workin' Moms

Can women have it all? Some days yes and some days… not so much. Workin’ Moms follows the loves, careers, and friendships of four 30-something urban moms.

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  • 1. Bare

    Kate is itching to return to work after her maternity leave, but has deep misgivings about leaving her baby. With Kate in the midst of an identity crisis, can she still be the mother she wants to be while maintaining her competitive edge in the boys club that is her workplace? Meanwhile, Anne receives unwelcome news, which leaves her grappling with a life-changing decision. And Frankie tries – and fails - to keep her postpartum depression from affecting her work.

  • 2. Rules

    Kate tries to juggle it all: motherhood, work, exercise, baby classes, date night… and packs it in to the point of nearly jeopardizing a performance review at work. Luckily for Kate her reputation precedes her – and she’s one of two candidates being considered for a promotion. Can Kate continue to pursue her career to the highest level? Meanwhile, Anne tries to reign in her sexually explicit nine-year-old daughter. And Jenny reluctantly returns to work where she reconnects with an old friend: her sex drive.

  • 3. Fem Card

    Kate has difficulty letting go and embracing a softer side; both at work and when she entrusts her dramatic mother with nanny duties. But Kate must call upon her “mama bear” instincts, when she is forced to help Frankie out of a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Anne tries tough love with her wild child daughter, and Jenny attempts to attract the interest of her new manager, but fails — confusing him, and sending her further down a reckless road.

  • 4. Bad Help

    Eleanor quickly takes over babysitting duties; running Kate’s household and Charlie’s schedule her way. Now that Kate’s hired her, can she actually fire her own mother? Meanwhile, in an attempt to shut down her daughter’s wild nature, Anne hires a “mean nanny” who can keep Alice in line, but also threatens to keep Anne in line too. And when Jenny’s husband Ian surprises her at work, Jenny’s flustered reaction leads Ian to wondering… why does Jenny suddenly love work so much?

  • 5. Sophie's Choice-ish

    Kate is faced with a veritable “Sophie’s choice” when her mother Eleanor pressures Kate to put down her longtime pet Olly in favour of protecting Charlie. Meanwhile, a therapy session with Anne leads Frankie to attempt to re-invigorate her marriage, and Anne on the home front finds "Mean Nanny’s" friendly rapport with Alice not only annoying, but also surprisingly enviable.

  • 6. The Wolf and the Rabbit

    When Kate is shamed – both in Mommy and Me and at work – for liking submissive animated porn, she’s left wondering exactly the same thing as those she confided in: what's wrong with her? At Tech-cellent! Jenny ups her game in attracting Marvin, but is far from prepared when he takes the bait. And Frankie makes a breakthrough in her disconnection issues with Giselle thanks to an unlikely source.

  • 7. Phoenix Rising

    Kate joins her team at Gaze on a Saturday to work on a pitch, promising Nathan she’ll be home in time for family dinner with their parents. When the camaraderie and joking get out of hand, it’s up to Kate to rein things in. With her family balance in jeopardy, she rushes to leave the office. On her way out she learns there’s been a decision on the Montreal job, and can think of no better counsel on the matter than her own dad. Anne struggles to find a point of connection with her daughter Alice, and Jenny is faced with disconcerting truths about her life and relationship when Ian asks for her help with his Kickstarter project.

  • 8. Hoop Earring

    Kate’s in the doghouse with Nathan – and promises to finally find a new nanny in order to make amends. But when Kate can’t find the time, she enlists Eleanor’s help who pulls in a ringer of her choosing. In bittersweet news, Kate is offered the promotion she and Mo have been competing for, but keeps it a secret from Nathan. Frankie convinces Giselle to join her in therapy with Anne, and they connect in the unlikeliest of ways. Jenny, eager for a night of debauchery, jumps at the chance to help organize a last-minute bachelorette party, inviting Kate, Frankie, and Anne. Their night leaves them all somewhat bewildered and Jenny forever changed.

  • 9. Tricky Nipple

    Morning fireworks explode when Kate informs Nathan that she accepted the big promotion, which will take her to Montreal for three months. Kate strikes a deal with Sarah; her new nanny and older sister. Meanwhile, Anne compensates for her husband’s financial troubles by scheduling in as many clients as possible, and unexpectedly places herself in a dangerous situation. Frankie is revisited by postpartum depression, and Jenny secretly seeks Val’s lactation expertise when her new nipple piercing interferes with her breastfeeding.

  • 10. The Coxswain

    With little time left to spend with her family before her big new job takes her to Montreal, Kate overcompensates in trying to set them up for her absence – causing her to doubt her choice. Can Kate really let go? Meanwhile, Anne’s determination to establish a bond with her daughter Alice, leads her down a reckless path. And Frankie oversteps a boundary during a run-in with an old client at a house showing, and pays a high price.

  • 11. Bye Bye Kate

    Kate intuits Anne’s “cry for help” and takes her friend on an important reconnaissance mission. Meanwhile, Jenny reaches the peak of her self-exploration and is left longing for the way things used to be. But after Ian makes a startling discovery, she may be too late. Frankie picks up a curious new hobby when Giselle steps up to become the working parent.

  • 12. Merde

    Kate arrives in Montreal and finally meets her longtime “working mom” role model and mentor Victoria Stromanger. When the real Victoria doesn’t totally line up with the version Kate had long admired, Kate’s left wondering about the true cost of “having it all." Meanwhile, Anne makes a major decision with the love and support of her husband Lionel. And Jenny attempts to return to her old life with Ian, by bringing back some things he’d rather leave in the past, while Frankie’s new hobby leads to disastrous consequences.

  • 13. Having It All

    It’s game day for Kate: the biggest presentation of her career. This make-or-break opportunity unfortunately collides with a crisis at home. Now Kate is faced with the ultimate choice: career or motherhood? Meanwhile, Anne’s family is united through Alice’s school project. Ian calls out Jenny on her erratic behaviour, and forces her to own up to what she really wants. And Frankie attempts to repair the damage she’s done to her family and her life.

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