You're My Hero

Ian, a blunt unfiltered 20-something with cerebral palsy, navigates the social pressures of life in an unforgiving world not designed for wheels.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Wheelchair Warrior

    Ian causes upset as a wheelchair warrior and attends a Lil Derp concert against his will.

  • 2. Sensitivity Training

    Ian berates a child at work and gets sent to sensitivity training.

  • 3. Date Night

    Sam and Eric force Ian into a double date. Chaos ensues.

  • 4. Work Woes

    When Ian can’t get into work due to a missing ramp, Al conscripts him to be a mobile sandwich board instead.

  • 5. Boys’ Night

    Cajoled by Angela, Eric orchestrates a “Boys’ Night” poker tournament to smooth things over between Ian and Al.

  • 6. The Stain

    Ian spends the day alone in bed. Sam comes over and Ian has a misstep that causes friction between them.

  • 7. My Body My Choice

    A pro-choice rally at Mercury goes south, and implodes when Eric finds out about Ian kissing Sam.

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