Every day, JJ and Floralie welcome preschoolers to Zoomizoom Park, where they meet two friendly kids, Amelia and Sami, plus Pablo, Mamigo, Alfie and Léa. In this park, English and French are spoken.

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    Every day, JJ and Floralie welcome preschoolers to Zoomizoom Park, where they meet two friendly kids, Amelia and Sami, plus Pablo, Mamigo, Alfie and Léa. In this park, English and French are spoken.

  • 1. Fly! Be free! / Libre comme l'air!

    JJ and Sami see hot-air balloons to later learn that Mamigo was in one of them! Floralie hopes to attract butterflies to the garden. She shares some fascinating things about birds with JJ.

  • 2. The Carrot Case / Les carottes

    Elvis has eaten all the carrots in Floralie’s garden. JJ plays a game of guess what animal loves to eat carrots with Floralie and Pablo. Pablo prepares a carrot feast for everyone, including Elvis!

  • 3. Round and Round / Tout rond

    JJ and Alfie discover words that start with the letter B. Amelia and Alfie help Léa with her art project. JJ and Alfie test various objects to see which ones bounce.

  • 4. Star Light, Star Bright / Une journée étoilée

    Floralie and Amelia discover a star shape in the daffodils and JJ shows them a sea star. Pablo prepares a fruit salad with fruit that have a star shape in them. JJ gives Pablo a yoga lesson.

  • 5. Hand in Hand / Main dans la main

    We use our hands to juggle, speak and sing. We make finger puppets. We find out that the Alfiebox can hold all the story books in the world, and we take the zoomizoom to meet circus artists.

  • 6. Hats On! Hats Off! / Chapeau les amis!

    Pablo has lost his toque and refuses to cook without it. Alfie searches through his Alfiebox for things that start with the letter T. A riding hat makes Sami and Amelia want to see some real horses.

  • 7. Knit One, Recycle Too!/ Tricoté serré

    Mamigo shows Floralie and Sami some raw sheep wool. Mamigo takes a knitting lesson with Léa. With her leftover wool, Léa and Floralie make some pompoms and a very special gift for Elvis.

  • 8. Small World / Petit monde

    Floralie and Amelia find a tiny nest in the garden then step aboard the zoomizoom to see hummingbirds. With Alfie and JJ, we eat small fruit. Amelia organizes a giant steps/mouse steps game.

  • 9. Quack! / Coin coin!

    Everybody is looking for a duck that leaves its feathers throughout the park. We use decoys to imitate bird cries. We must guess who laid eggs of different sizes and colours.

  • 10. All Things Green! / Tout est vert!

    Floralie gives Pablo some spinach from the garden for a special smoothie. Mamigo takes Sami to see some green frogs in the zoomizoom. Floralie shows Amelia and Pablo how to water a plant.

  • 11. Tools are Cool! / Les outils du bonheur

    JJ helps Pablo fix a wheel on his food trolley using the right tools. Léa and Amelia build birdhouses with recycled objects. And Pablo proudly shows off some of his special kitchen tools.

  • 12. Ouchie / Pic pic

    Back from the Far-West, Mamigo offers a cactus to Floralie and cowboy hats to everyone. We learn that roses and porcupines have prickles. We ask what the best tool is to remove a splinter.

  • 13. Feet are Neat! / À pieds

    JJ teaches Floralie how to long jump. Floralie helps Pablo and Amelia discover who left the tracks around his food trolley. Floralie shows Amelia how useful feet can be in the garden.

  • 14. Brush and Broom / À vos brosses et pinceaux!

    Léa lends JJ a paintbrush for his project and invents her own brushes. In the zoomizoom, Floralie and Amelia see furry friends who love being brushed. Léa invites her friends to a special performance.

  • 15. Turning Red / Rouge tomate

    Alfie presents the colour red. Mamigo brings tomatoes of different colours. Sami plays the firefighter. Floralie guesses the meaning of different red signs. In the zoomizoom, we see a cardinal.

  • 16. Sunshine / Rayon de soleil

    We see the difference between a midday sun and a sunset. We discover solar energy and how to protect ourselves from the sun. Pablo presents different ways to eat sunflower seeds.

  • 17. On the nose / Nez à nez

    Animals have a much stronger sense of smell than humans. We match some noses with the proper animal. We meet a mischievous elephant in the zoomizoom and find the nose… of an airplane!

  • 18. Busy Bee / Butinage

    With Floralie and Amelia, we do the bee dance and take the zoomizoom to see inside a beehive. With Pablo, we taste different kinds of honey. With Alfie, we learn how to stay calm around a bee.

  • 19. Rhythm and Blues

    Mamigo demonstrates the effect of singing bowls. With Léa, we identify soft and loud sounds, and compare bright colours and soft ones. Sami makes wishing flags and Léa sings a lullaby.

  • 20. Two-gether! / Deux, c’est mieux

    JJ and Floralie discover the joys of helping each other. Sami discovers several two-wheeled vehicles. We learn that small animals can sometimes help big ones and even humans!

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